February 13, 2012

Do You Have a Favorite Word?

We have a friend who was out of town on family business the night of my birthday party.  Another friend told her about the event.  Friend number one told Kaitlin and Brianna that friend number two told her she had heard they threw a very posh party.  My young ladies were delighted by this.  Now they have been recruited by friend number one to work their magic for the sweetheart banquet coming up next weekend.

Most of the ladies are dressing up and really going all out for the affair.  And the girls and friend number one are working their hearts out to make this a special night for the couples who will be attending.  Ladies are trying on dresses, borrowing accessories and shopping for shoes.  The girls have even planned a spa day before the event to do hair, nails and makeup for the ladies to help them feel a little extra special.  I really appreciate their enthusiasm.  It has taken what was just another church event and gotten everyone really looking forward to a fun evening.

And in all the hustle and bustle and hu-bub one word keeps flying around.
Posh:  adj 1. smart, elegant, or fashionable; exclusive: posh clothes 2. upper-class or genteel — adv 3. in a manner associated with the upper class: to talk posh  

My girls are real perfectionists to begin with and it doesn't help that they have just finished watching Downtown Abbey.  After which they decided we should be aristocrats so we can dress for dinner.  Let's face it we will never gain a title or a fortune that will raise us to the status of Lord and Lady Wachter, but that hasn't stopped Lady Kaitlin, Lady Brianna and Lady Emma Rose from training our young gentlemen in the ways of the posh.

After church last night, the girls had a meeting to discuss the final arrangements for the dinner.  On the way home we heard all the details that will make this a posh evening.  The conversation continued through making and eating our dinner.  It ended with Brianna venting for a while about the unposh people she is forced to be surrounded by.  Because, heaven to Betsy, there will be girls serving at the dinner!    And everyone knows in real society women would never serve in the dining room!  She went so far as to say she is going to write a post about how to be posh.

After we all had our good laugh, Aedan came from the shower and said, "Mama, do you know what my third favorite word is?"  Yes, dear readers, you guessed it.  Posh.

Just for kicks I asked him what his first and second favorite words are.  He said, he doesn't have a first and second favorite word.  Do you wonder why posh is just his third favorite word then?  Well, I did.  He is saving those slots in case he comes up with some words he likes better.

So what about you?  What is your favorite, or second or third favorite word?


  1. Cute! I've never really thought about favorite words before...maybe absent-mindedly? That one is so fun to say. :)
    I do know of authors that have favorite words, though. For example, when I was reading Les Miserables, Victor Hugo used the words "abyss" and "reverie" quite often. No worries, though. I still loved the book. :)


    1. I have noticed that about some authors, too. After a while it starts to wear on my nerves.

      Hugs to you Miss Bree.

  2. Posh is a great word. Having lived in England for a little while, it was a word often used. We got to experience some posh things while there as well. :)

    One of my favorite words is, "bit". I hear myself saying things like, "I'll be there in a bit" or "I'll just have a bit of that." It was also a word we picked up in England. They use it frequently and also say a phrase, "bits and bobs" meaning a little of this and that.

    Btw, living in the UK felt very posh at times. ;)

    Blessings, Carol

    1. Carol,

      You always crack me up. You know we have a friend who is English and I always noticed that about him... the bit of this and a bit of that business. I thought it was quite adorable.

      I can imagine that living in the UK could be very posh. I bet you do miss it. Except I am sure you are so happy to be close to your family again... well, closer, anyway.