February 9, 2012

Tasty Math

Sam and I were working on his math assignment today.  He has done so many problems like this and always has the answer before we finish reading them.  But, you know sometimes you just get a mind block?  He must have had one on this problem.  No matter how I explained it, he couldn't seem to get it.  He sure did entertain the school room, though.

Ryan bought 8 gumballs and 8 peppermint candies.  How many goodies does he have in all?

He knew the answer but for some reason could not tell me how to write the problem.  So I rephrased it while I handed him the manipulatives.

Mama:  If I gave you 8 peppermint candies (handing him a brown 8 bar) and 8 peppermint candies(lining another 8 bar up with the first) what would you do?

Sam:  I'd eat them.


  1. oh, thats just too funny. and honest.

    (i've been enjoying ALL your recent post, even if i haven't been commenting.) (sheepish grin)

    1. Hi, Heather.

      I have missed seeing you around, but I sure do understand! Allen got me a new phone some time ago so I could read blogs on my phone in my waiting time and when I am nursing the baby but it is not easy to leave comments from there so I find I am not nearly as in touch with my favorite bloggers as I would like to be. It is good to see you around when you have time to leave a note.