February 8, 2012

Tea Giveaway

Okay, ladies.  I am not sure if this is working in my favor or not.  The lovely sisters over at Unsinkable are hosting a Tea giveaway this month.  I am just crazy about the whole thing... particularly, the necklace.  And if I write about it here, I get three extra entries.  But then, if I write about it here, I have a little more competition, eh.  Surely, you see my dilemma now?

Now this really is a fabulous giveaway for a tea lover.  So do check it out.

Please don't stop with reading about the giveaway.  These girls both maintain very nice blogs that will challenge you as bloggers, as Christians and as women who strive to walk with Him.

I particularly liked this recent post over at Living On Literary Lane by Lizzie Rose.

Over at He Designs My Life Bree writes about fashion tips, recipes, books and movies that will interest my younger readers.   

1 comment :

  1. Thank you for this sweet post, Mrs. Wachter, as well as for getting the word out about our giveaway! 'Twill be hard to select a winner this month . . . I'm glad we use Random Number Generator, or otherwise I would never be able to choose just one person. :)

    I hope you and your family have a lovely Saturday!
    Elizabeth Rose