February 5, 2012

to: c.p.

everyone put it so well there is nothing I else I can say.

....................happy birthday...................

k.k., näna 
all the people who cherish you

p.s. a note from allen: How can I say enough about the lady who has my heart? It has been my pleasure and honor to walk along side you as you have grown into a strong, secure lady of God. You truly are a Proverbs 31 woman as your dedication to your husband and family attest. I see a lady who earnestly seeks the will of God for herself, her family and all she meets. Your compassion and love for your family is unmatched by any parent this side of glory. I want to thank you for allowing me to call you my wife. May God continue to shine His mercy and grace upon you as you seek to honor Him through your ministries. May you continue to grow in true wisdom and share that wisdom with others in this world while ministering to your family and beyond.


  1. Awww... that is so sweet. :D You have a wonderful family Mrs.Watcher. But I suppose you already knew that. ;D

  2. Hi Kat,

    My computer is moving so slowly that I am not yet able to view your video. One thing I can say about it is that the image of you and the baby is gorgeous. Happy Birthday dear friend.

    Thank you for continually going over to my blog. Your comments encourage me to want to be there more often. I know it's not about comments, but they sure do help when sharing your heart.

    Have a blessed day and I look forward to being around here more often as I pursue the challenges I posted about.

    BTW, Allen's note to you was precious.

    Love and Hugs,

  3. OK, my computer finally worked and I was able to see the beautiful video the girls made. They are talented, lovely, kind, and precious to you, their Mama, who has taught them well.

    My favorite part was all of the beautiful words your children poured out to you.

    Hope your day was beautiful and blessed.

    1. Hi, Carol.

      So glad to see you here! I miss your visits. I have to agree with you... I think they are so talented and truly a blessing to me. I am truly unworthy of the love they bestow on me. They showed this at my birthday party last week and I must admit I was speechless, which doesn't happen often! When the lights went on, I kept thinking I should say something to thank all those who have blessed me so much over the years, but I was choking on tears and couldn't get a single word out. Fortunately, my good friends were there to hug me and help me through the awkward moment. ☺



  4. Kat: I am sorry Doug and I could not attend your party this weekend. I looked at the map and realized you really are not that far away....well, three hours is just a hop, skip, and a jump when we skip to the tune our Heavenly Father sets for us:) Maybe one day we will make that little journey and finally get to meet face to face!
    Love, hugs, and prayers,

    1. Andrea,

      I wish you all could have been here, too. But one day it will work out. Thank you for your lovely message and when things are a little slower for you all we will work out that hop, skip and jump!