February 29, 2012

Twice Given for God's Glory by Tom Williams

During our library challenge, we had to seek out two specific men and ask them what their favorite books were.  The one gentleman said no book had affected his Christian walk as much as Twice Given for God's Glory by evangelist Tom Williams.  I figured if this Godly man was so affected by this book I had better give it a read.

This title is long since out of print so I popped over to eBay and found one copy for $3.67 with free shipping.  It is available through Amazon third party sellers for next to nothing.

This itty bitty book is a must read if you are struggling with trusting the Lord... or if you are trying to care for a sick loved one... or if you want to read a beautiful story about a man who loves his wife even as Christ loved the church... a man who was willing to give himself for her.  And that is just the beginning.  Really, just read this book.  It won't take you any time at all and you will be so glad you did.

In his simple and honest writing, Cowboy Tom, as he is known in Christian circles, tells the story of his wife, Pam's fight to survive what doctors termed the worst case of bacterial meningitis they had ever seen.  After three specialists told Mr. Williams his wife had less than 24 hours to live, Christians all over America fell on their knees before the Lord to petition for the life of this faithful Christian, loving wife and dedicated mother.  The Lord intervened and spared her life but the prognosis was grim.  Doctors reported she would never come out of the coma and would remain in a vegetative state for the rest of her life.  However, her husband and children didn't think that was acceptable and prayed unceasingly for her to come back to them.  When she did, they gave their lives over to her physical and occupational therapy starting with the most basic skills like potty training, feeding herself with a spoon and learning to brush her teeth.

Oh, and by the way, they did this while living in a motor home, homeschooling the younger children and preaching the Gospel across this United States of America.  And all along the way, Mr. Williams used this trial as a way to win lost souls to the Lord.  The miracles of God and the love of Christ, as displayed in the Williams family, are written all over this book.

Read it and love it and tell me how it inspires you to give more of yourself to others, to care for those sick parents, and to get busy about the Lord's work in spite of and because of the obstacles He might put in your path.    


  1. We have been blessed to hear bro Williams speak many times. He is such a blessing

    Journeying with Joy
    Mrs B

    1. It is interesting because I remember way back when I was first saved, I heard about Cowboy Tom, but we didn't really have the internet back then to just look things up. I kind of tucked his name away for another time but never did get around to checking him out. From someone else I had heard the story of this fellow and his wife but didn't realize they were the same person. And then Brother Gary told me about this book and, as I said, I had to check it out. It wasn't until I was about halfway through the book that I realized it was cowboy Tom and that it was his story that I had heard so many years ago. I can be slow and dense sometimes. ☺ At any rate, Brother Gary and his wife, the one who told me about Twice Given, had an opportunity to serve on a Mission Trip to Romania with Tom and Pam when she was at the height of her recovery, which I believe they said was about five years before Pam went to be with the Lord. They tell me both were incredible people and they loved the Lord and each other. Christians, such as the Williams family, are such an encouragement to me to continue through trials by relying on the Lord.

      Thanks for stopping by!