March 24, 2012

Sam's Crystals

My kids have always had a fascination with rocks.  I love rocks, too, but not necessarily the kind we dig out of the garden.  If one of my boys gives you a rock it is a high compliment.  One time we took the kids to Cherokee, NC for vacation.  They were so thrilled to find a store in the village full of rocks.  When Winnie was born, several baby size pebbles appeared on the window ledge of the nursery.  We knew our little gentlemen must truly be enamored with their new sister.

Each Sunday these fellows fish through the parking lot at church and present me with a rock.  And each Sunday I ooh and ahh over each one as I try to find something unique to comment on.  You can read more about Sunday rocks over here.  

Fortunately, it just so happens, there are a lot of rocks in our yard.  It got to be, I had so many gifts from the boys, I didn't know what to do with them anymore.  I have used them as borders in flower gardens and for various projects, but I had to find another outlet.  Thus was born the rock collection.  We have this spot under a guard rail up near the road where erosion is a real problem.  Pa had the boys trying to fill it with rocks to keep the soil from washing away.  When the kitchen windowsill gets full we gather them all up and take them to Mama's rock collection, under the guard rail.  They love it.  I love it.  It works for all of us.

A few weeks ago, we were in the yard working on a project we've been at for ten years... clearing the brush and thorns and poison and dead wood that piled up alongside the road at the neglect of our home's previous owner.  Sam and Ellie worked hard with us for some time.  After an hour or so, I noticed they were gone.  I looked around to see them pulling Samuel's little red wagon around our property.

When it was time for Ellie to go in for her nap they were delighted to show me what they had been up to.  Crystals.  They were digging up quartz and they happened to think they were very valuable crystals.  They were so incredibly excited by their finds.  
 Particularly that huge one in the back.  I bet it weighed more than my tiny little Samuel.  I am surprised he was able to lift it into the wagon.
 After washing them all they were piled back into the wagon for safe keeping.  I was thinking they would make a great addition to my rock collection.  Especially, the big one.
 But Sammy and Elisabeth had other plans.  When I came home from town the next afternoon, I saw this sign posted in front of the wagon which was parked on the corner.  How cute is that?  "Sam's Crystals."  My little entrepreneur had found a new business.   
  No way I was going to be the one to tell them not everyone will find those precious finds as valuable as he and Ellie did.  I bought the wagon load for five dollars.  Quite a bargain, since the giant was $2.00 alone.  They were just what I needed for protecting some tiny pine trees from the lawn mower this summer.
And worth every cent for the smile it brings to my heart. every time I catch sight of the giant...

...which reminds me of how much joy a wagon full of rocks brought two children for two entire days...
... and the thrill we will have as we watch Aedan's little pine trees grow over the years...
... and the pleasure it brought my sweet Sam when he carried his proceeds to church and added it to the love offering...

It's a win, win situation all around.   Ellie's happy.  Samuel's happy.  Aedan's happy.  Even Brother Hudson is happy.  In fact, you might say, we are all happy.

Because isn't that how our God works?  There are blessings in everything, if we will only be alert to look for them.

So, what rocks have you dug up lately that are blessings in disguise?

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  1. so sweet! My Sam loves rocks too- they never outgrow it :o)