March 23, 2012

There will always be skeptics~ Reader Mail Part 8

Hello Kat,

Thank you so much for your long and thoughtful reply! I (and my husband) are naturally inclined to teach our children the way you write about, but it is hard to know if it is right when most parents are so permissive (and sadly the children are little terrors!) Many people seem to think temper tantrums are 'normal' but I don't agree (my mom says my brother and I never had them) but when we tell people 'Our children won't do such-and-such' they just laugh at us. Just like they laughed and said 'just wait till you have one! you'll change your mind' when we said we hoped to have a large family. Well guess what, they were wrong! :o) Anyway, I really appreciate the time and encouragment, I think I will print this off and refer to it over the years! Look forward to reading the rest on your blog :o).

Hugs, Tania

PS- I sent my husband your Rubber Ducky video and he was watching it early this morning and laughing out loud (I was in the bedroom feeding Bella). So cute.

Dear Tania,

I am glad it was a blessing to you.  I was so blessed and our lives were so changed by the people who were willing to share with us, that it is truly an honour for me to help the younger woman, as Titus commands us to do.  It is sad that you encounter such negative comments with regards to child bearing and child rearing, but sadly that is the typical response today.  My husband and I met with all the same sniggers when we were starting our family and trying to follow the Lord's plan.  We had tough skin and just kept on with what we felt He wanted us to do.  I have never been sorry, even for one minute, and I am glad to say that they were all wrong.  You can enjoy raising a large family and you can do it without all the business that this world calls normal.  Keep at it my friend, and one day you will have a young mama approach you and ask the same questions and you will have the honour of setting a young family on the path to a long and happy life together.

When our three girls were little,  Allen and I took them to California for several weeks.  That is about a five hour direct flight from our home.  With traveling to the airport, plane changes and layovers it was about twelve hours of travel.  That wears me out on a good day, so you might imagine how it could tax some little ones.  Emma Rose was still breastfeeding, that's how young they were. Anyway, Allen was sitting on one side of the aisle with the two older girls.  Emma was sitting on his lap.  I was across the aisle from them.  Two business men boarded the plane and sat next to me.  The one just hates children.  So much so, that when he checks in for a flight he asks how many children are on the plane that day.  Well, he was complaining to the gentleman he came with about how many kids there were and how it was going to be a miserable flight.  Then he turned to me and recounted the same information.  Ha!  He had no clue who he was talking to.  I went on to tell him I could guarantee at least three of those children would be very pleasant and he wouldn't even know they were there.  He asked why I said so and I pointed to my three girls.  "Those ones are with me," I said.  Well, I did enjoy the embarrassed look on his face a little too much.  Several hours into our flight he asked how on earth I did that, making them sit so quietly.  "His kids," he explained, "would have been whining, complaining, and running all over the place."  "It's called training," I told him.  "And it takes a parent who loves their child enough to commit to showing them the right way to go."  

Glad you all enjoyed the ducky video.  I will tell the girls.  They are the genius behind it and will enjoy knowing you found it amusing.

Keep enjoying that little angel of yours.  Every day is so precious and as you know they go far too fast.

Happy training, my friend.



  1. Thanks so much again for all your help, it is true that we need more Titus women! Older woman should be building us up and not tearing down... anyway, it would be a great honour if someday a young mom comes to me for advice because she sees how well-behaved and pleasant our children are. So sad that that man hated children- it should be the opposite, the more time one spends with ones children, the more you enjoy and love them.

  2. ok I have one more question! Just a thought really, I've also had people say that the youngest child (ren) in a large family are spoiled/ bad behaved as the parents by that time are tired of having children and training them so they don't really bother with the youngest ones... have you seen that to be the case???