March 8, 2012


The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity.  We are all exhausted.  But a good exhausted... like when you worked in the yard all day and are completely worn out.  You know what I mean?  This morning as we woke to yet another beautiful spring like morning we were all amazed to realize it was only Thursday when it seems like it should be next Monday.

The week in review... in which Brianna and Emma Rose practiced a duet  

 Sam and Elisabeth make snow... don't worry they vacuumed it up, too.
 Carmella practiced sitting up on her own.  I still like to put a pillow behind her in case she tips over.  Her favorite past time is still chewing on things.
 Charlotte got married.  In honor of dear reader, Ashley, who married her darling Jacob last Saturday.
 Carmella and Elisabeth played dress up with the hats.
 And Winnie had some solidarity with her bears.
 The kids competed and completed World Spelling Day, World Math Day and World Science Day
 I took another picture of Carmella sleeping... because she is just too cute not to.
 Aedan and Nathaniel finally mastered tying their own neckties.
 Carmella learned to crawl.  
 But only in reverse.  And, no, I don't typically leave her laying around naked.  I undressed her to give her a bath and set her on the rug while I fixed the water.  I came back to find her scooting her little self around.
 Not to be shown up by the kids, Allen stayed up until 1 am to finish the World Spelling and World Math competition.
 Ellie tied ribbons in my hair and told me I was snow white.  Lovely, eh?
 An exhausted Carmella fell asleep on Pa's shoulder in church.
 Our Pastor's wife made 15 ice cream pies in all sorts of decadent flavors.

These three girlies
 And these three fellows helped eat them.
 Elisabeth took a picture of my two gentlemen and I
 We enjoyed some incredible preaching and beautiful fellowship with Dr. and Mrs. Hudson
My boys found a new hero
 And Sam had a nice little chit chat with an old buddy
 The crocuses in Gussies garden bloomed
 Carmella and I enjoyed sitting outside on a 70 degree afternoon
We found fabric for the girls' Easter dresses
 and fabric to make curtains for their bedroom
 The boys made a tree out of twigs and packing tape
And as you know, we celebrated a very special time with our church family.

If that wasn't all enough, my dear long time friend and little sister in the Lord wowed us all with the news of an engagement to a fellow in our church.

And that just seems like the tip of the ice berg.  Now I am off to read a bedtime story and take a good long soak.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. I just love all the family activity happening in your life. Carmella is just adorable, naked or not! And she's crawling and sitting up! How exciting. The comment and picture of your husband is too funny!

    1. I agree. I love all the activity, too. It is the little moments that make life so special! Allen is always good for a laugh around here... I think that is where Elisabeth gets it. ☺

  2. Lovely pictures- I see your girls like to play the music from Pride and Prejudice too :o) Carmella looks so sweet- love her in the hat!

    1. They do. Often they play in the evenings while we are getting the little ones to bed. It is such soothing evening music, don't you think?

  3. As usual, AWESOME PICTURES! :> )

    After reading your post, I realized who much I miss having all of my children with me. I am happy for both of our girls and they they are both happily married, but there are days I wish they were back home.

    They are fulfilling their dreams and making wonderful family memories of their own now, and for that, I really am grateful!


  4. What a great summary of a long, beautiful week!