April 25, 2012

Goings On

I know it has been too long since I posted when I open my computer, see a post and say to myself, "Is that still here?"  And that is just what happened when I opened my laptop to send an email this morning.  Yikes!  With Thursday just around the corner it seemed like a good time for a mom update.  

April has been a very full month for our family.  I have started many posts for the family journal, but haven't finished one all month!  I was almost finished putting up pictures about our super fun trip to Ohio, when blogger lost all my work.  I was a little irritated about that.  

Here is a brief photographic proof that I am not dead, even if my blog seems to imply otherwise.  
Four days of work and play with Dawn.  Hopefully, a  post will come, eventually.

Working with a group from our church family to visit 10,000 homes in our community each Saturday of the month.  

A super fun and posh (thank you girls) luncheon with friends for Easter.

Planting, weeding, transplanting, replanting flower beds and vegetable garden.  An unusual drought has also left us with the daily chore of watering. 

Visiting with friends.  I know it looks like Elisabeth is choking for little M, but I swear she was trying to hug her.  Ellie thinks everyone should like hugs as much as she does.

School.  The kids are loving joining Brianna in her Chemistry classes.

Morning tea parties and Bible study with Samuel and Elisabeth

Enjoying the very short season of blooming trees.  Note Ellie is wearing her coat.  Weather has been bizarre here all year.  One day it is in the high 80's and the next we are wearing coats.  This particular evening we had to bundle up to take our nightly walk and play a game of croquet.

And speaking of croquet... We spent a ton of time looking for Ellie's Rapunzel doll the week before Easter.  I finally gave up, fearing it had been left somewhere to be lost forever.  We had a little friend over for Easter who was playing in Ellie's room and found her.  I have no idea where because we searched high and low.  Anyway, we were out in the yard while the kids were hunting Easter eggs when I looked up and caught sight of something laying in the wicket.  After squinting a bit I realized it was our long lost Rapunzel.   When asked where she had found the doll and why she was in the wicket all McKenna could say was, "She was in the doll bed (where I had looked numerous times) and she put her in the wicket because it looked like a good bed for the Princess.  Next time we are looking for something, I am saving my energy and calling Kenna to come for dinner.   

Ellie was gifted a book of Princess recipes.  One Friday we spent the afternoon making this delightful pink lemon cake, topped with a tiara. 
Actually, in the beginning she decided to top it with this  tiny little doll tiara.   The girls convinced her she might want to go with a slightly larger one.

There was an afternoon hike with the kids.  

And playing dress up with Ellie.  Elisabeth LOVES scarves.  And right now she is really into kerchiefs, too.  We have a friend who wears a head covering to church and when Ellie sees a kerchief now she puts it on her head and says, "I am going to be Mrs. Schmidt and you be... fill in the blank with any princess.  The other day I was Mrs. Schmidt...
And Carmella was a bride.

Aedan celebrated his ninth birthday, which I hope to eventually post about.

And last, but not least, there is Sam's birthday quilt.  Which I hope to have finished by June 11th.  Although, the verdict is still out on that one.   I am completely crazy in love with his fabric choices.  It looks like I have another artist on my hands.

And by the way, Tony and Carrie, I got your email with the boys new beds and really have wanted to get back to you to say, how adorable is that???  It is consistently amusing to us Wachters how everything they do seems to be as polar opposite as their personalities.  ☺  Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated on their precious happenings.  We miss you all and hope to see you when time permits.

And what about the rest of you?  What have you been up to this spring?


  1. Sounds like you have been quite busy! I love the story about McKenna - especially since I have a friend my age with a very similar name. Elizabeth and I were cracking up, imagining her doing what McKenna did. :)

    Wow, Sam sure is good at picking out the right fabrics! I can't wait to see how that looks. :D


  2. I love the fabrics for Sam's quilt! Can't wait to see the finished project.

    What does your church family do when you visit homes? Do you simply share the gospel or are you inviting them to an event? Our church is involved with a city-wide campaign each spring called E.A.C.H (Everyone a Chance to Hear) and it's kindof a neat gospel-sharing centered time.



    1. I know this is way late, but I am trying to work my way backwards and catch up on email. During the semester I get so behind on communicating. I am ashamed to say, I have yet to write thank you notes from my birthday party in February! Anyway, last final was Monday and I am looking forward to setting it all in order.

      Our church family approaches outreach in many different ways. For starters, each Thursday evening during the spring, fall and summer, a group of young adults go to our city park and set up a table and visit with people walking their dogs, going to the pool or having picnics. We do a church wide outreach there during special events held in the park as well. They use catchy signs to get the attention of those passing by. July 4th is a very big day for us. This is the only public meeting place in our city so it is a huge center for reaching out to a lot of people.

      Also, on Thursday evenings, some make visits to the homes of people who have visited our church or requested Bible studies or information about church or the Bible.

      In the fall months the VBS crew follows up by visiting the families of children who attended in August.

      At various times during the year we have Saturday outreaches. These are approached differently. Sometimes, we just leave literature and an invitation to church. That is what we did this time. We left Gospel tracts and information about our church. We were able to go to 10,000 homes. There were about four families and a few single folks who joined us so I felt God was really with us to help us do that many.

      Other times, we visit the same homes for a number of Saturdays in a row leaving different literature. On the last Saturday we knock on the doors and ask if they got the information, read it and answer any questions.
      Other times we might go to a particular neighborhood and knock on doors and try to share the Gospel. Of course, one can do this in any way they would like but we do teach some different methods to help those who are uncomfortable with cold knocking. One way we do that is by sharing the ten commandments. Another is using the Roman Road. We also have a four week Salvation Based Bible study we offer.

      Our family runs a ministry of a correspondence course. We offer these anyway and everywhere. The only problem is, the material is put together by another church and I don't think it is very good. We get a lot of students but they rarely finish. It is not that it is not good information or that it isn't Biblically sound, but it is so DRY! Allen is hoping our Pastor will begin printing our own study eventually. He has begun writing it, just in case we get the go ahead.

      Another outreach that is ongoing is in the local nursing homes. On Thursdays there is a group of women and home school kids who visit the residents. The young men give sermons and people sing and they play games and whatever else the residents find interesting and entertaining. Of course the main goal is to have souls saved but secondary is to offer a little joy to a forgotten part of our society.

      Our Cantata at Christmas time is our biggest outreach of the year. We spend months preparing and then the church hires a caterer to do a nice dinner. Everything is free and at Christmas people always seem more receptive to the message. We look forward to being a part of this each year.

      At any random time throughout the year, we might have other opportunities for outreach as someone comes up with a brilliant idea. ☺

      Allen and I like to keep our family focused on the idea that everywhere and anytime is an opportunity for outreach and that it should be a way of life.

      I hope that answers your question.



  3. Love all the pictures. Especially of Ellie in the tree :) And the quilt is going to be really nice, the fabrics look great together.