April 12, 2012

Kids and Family -Update the following week

Dear Readers, 

As promised, here is another update to encourage you as you seek Him in raising your family. This was the week following the initial post in January.   Stop by tomorrow for a four month update.  

I have to tell you, this email was such a blessing to me on so many levels.  God is good like that.  I was just sharing with a friend of mine how every time I think I am going to give it up here, I get another email like this one to remind me God has a plan and I am just a cog in the works.  I hope you will be uplifted as much as my family and I were.



I have to tell you that I wasn't totally honest with you. I do believe in God, but it is because of you.

You see, I grew up going to church every Sunday growing up, when I was in college, I even taught Sunday school. But I never really got it. I found God again because of your web site. I see how convicted you are and how well behaved your children are, how happy your are, etc., and I started to follow your blog every day. Even reading all your old posts from before I had started to follow your blog. I had gotten away from church. You see I went until I had our third and then it got too hard for me to go on my own. My husband will not go with me. While he believes, he still will not go to church. So I pray that he comes around.

 I grew up Catholic, but don't think that is the right fit for me anymore. So I have tried and been in contact with a few and am excited to try one not too far from us.

It was because of you that I started to pray every morning, read the Bible and pray at night (on my Kindle and now through the website you told me about, I have never owned a real Bible) and listening to Christian music. I cannot tell you what a blessing that has been. Things started to just fall in to place. And the funny thing is I pray  for lots of things. I even keep a list of people that I might hear about or know that are struggling with sickness or hard times and pray for them. When I got pregnant with my fifth baby, Gabe, I was asking God for a sign. A sign or answer to some things I was going through at the time. It was soon after that I found out I was pregnant. I firmly believe that Gabe is a gift from God, here for a reason and meant to be a part of our family. And our little miracle was all the sign I needed.

It has been such a positive change in my life. I don't know if you realize what an inspiration you are, what a voice you have been to me. I thank you for that. You reminded me of what is important and brought me back to it, made Him real again. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

To answer your question, I am a web designer/graphic artist for a local insurance company. I have been there over 16 years, since I graduated from college. I have to work, you see my husband works for a small company and makes good money but and our health insurance is outrageous. We have multiple kids with asthma, food allergies and ezcema to name a few of our medical woes. So our insurance gets a lot of use and we shell out a ton for premiums, out of pocket, copays and prescriptions.

Like you, we live in a small home for our family size. I am fine with that, but it drives my hubby crazy (he grew up an only child). So that isn't a huge expense.

Sadly, we don't vacation very often, but have been trying to go somewhere every year, even if for a weekend. But we couldn't last year.

I look forward to reading the books you sent. I would gladly repay you.

These last few days have been so happy for us. Everyone is different. We all watched a family movie on Friday night, with popcorn (I even made the 11 year old. She protested watching the movie, but ended up watching it and enjoying it. My 6 year old said quite a few times this was the best night ever. Both my husband and I agreed Friday night is family night, for games, movies, etc.

I have even tried to get a few minutes to myself. Last night I took a bath after the youngest went to bed, but before the older two. I have worked a few other things into the schedule. Asking them to help with dinner, to help make cookies, etc. They have loved it. I also try not to react in anger, but use kind words. It has made all the difference.

Thank you.

Dear J.,

I am attempting to catch up on email and tie up loose ends on my blog.  I don't know how successful I am being but I hope this email is not too late to have any value.  I started it many times over and every time ran out of time to finish it.  But, in a way, I am glad because it has given more time to pass and see how many great things have been happening in your corner since January.

First off, I want you to know how much of a blessing this, and your other emails, have been to me.  God has used you to show us His will and you are good to allow Him to use you for that purpose.

I intend to use your emails (at least in part) in a series this week on my blog.  You may have seen the first this morning.  I believe your words could be a great encouragement to other moms out there who are struggling with their faith, their marriage and raising their children.  If you have an objection to that I am opened to hearing your input, of course.

I appreciate your frankness and honestly in sharing about your walk.  Sometimes, we can not move ahead in our relationship with the Lord because we are too prideful to admit where we are.  Pride is an awful stumbling block.

Also, what churches are you visiting and have you moved any further along in that decision?  It is such a difficult decision but an extremely important one that should not be approached carelessly but rather with great prayer.  I don't know if you know this, but I too grew up Catholic and over time the Lord showed us it was not the place for our family to be.  I do know women who are believers and raising their family in the Catholic church but it is my opinion that they teach too much heresy and that could create great confusion to our children.  Further more, it is so important to be in a place where you can grow in truth.  That will not happen in a place that is teaching things inconsistent with God's word.    

I would like to encourage you in regards to your husband, also.  When my Allen and I were first married he was not a believer.  He would attend church sometimes but didn't really have any interest in the things of the Lord.  This was often a great point of conflict for us.  He was, and is, such a good man.  At any rate, the Bible tells us, and I saw the truth, that as woman if we will live the way God tells us (especially in regards to our relationship with our husbands) and lead our children as He tells us, your husband will come around.  I know I saw this in my own life in the salvation of my husband.  And quite frankly, I don't know how well I did at living the way God told me.  I didn't really even know what that meant back then.  I was just stumbling around in the dark learning as I went.  Yet, God honoured that, and drew my husband to Himself. I have been blessed to watch his Godly example in turn lead each of our sons to living as men of God.

Thank you for your kind words.  As I said, it has been an encouragement to me to watch you progress.  It is such a blessing to hear of the changes God is making in your life.  I praise Him for that and for the gift of your son.  He is faithful that if we look to Him, He will not forsake us.  I have seen this time and again in my life.  Real.  He is, indeed, real.  And He wants to be more real to us with each and every breath we take.  We must only let Him in.

I do understand about insurance, as we too have allergy, asthma and eczema sufferers.  Perhaps some time we can swap ideas.  We can do rather well with controlling asthma, but allergies and eczema seem to have the better of us... especially these days.  There are so many times I can not imagine what we would have done without insurance.  Well, in fact, in the early days of our life together we had no insurance and it was nearly financial ruin for us.  But, God even saw us through that.  I am grateful to know that you have access to insurance and good medical care and that the Lord has given you good care for your children when you must be away from them.  It is not the ideal situation, as you well know, but He will see you through it as you trust Him.

Do you have to travel far to work?  Is there a possibility of working from home, even in part?  (Although, this may not be worth considering since it seems you are working things out well).  

Where do you all like to vacation?  When we were early married we couldn't ever go anywhere.  We just didn't have a penny to spare.  Later, as we followed God's will with our income, I was shocked at how inexplicably the money seemed to be there.  I can not reasonably explain how we support our family except that every month the books balance.  But that is a whole other discussion.  ☺  However, we have come to realize how very important this time is to our family and everyone is willing to sacrifice throughout the year to make it happen.  For example, the kids each contribute a third of their earnings and all their birthday and Christmas money to the vacation fund, I put $100 each month from our grocery budget in the fund (and everyone is happy to eat small meals or leftovers several nights a month for the cause) and certainly we cut corners where we can.  Of course, there are tricks we have found to make traveling with a large family less expensive.  But again, that is a longer topic and I have already rambled on a lot at your expense.  ☺

Well, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me again say, thank you for this email and the blessing it was to me and my family.  Also, at the risk of being repetitive, I apologize for my delay in responding.  

Love to you,


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  1. Praising GOD for using us even when we are weary and discouraged! I've come to realize HE uses us most often in the middle of our own weaknesses and messes!
    Hugs and prayers,