April 26, 2012

Weekly Whereabouts

Do you ever get to the end of a week and wonder what did you do?  This is one of those for me.  I know that I have been keeping active the whole time but I am sitting here thinking what did I do?  We thought we should update Pa on our whereabouts in his absence.

Monday was the tired day.  So much so, after playing dress up with Ellie in the afternoon I almost walked out of the house in this beautiful feathered tiara.  I knew there was a good reason we keep that mirror near the front door.

 And then there was four hours at the dentist on Tuesday.  While the kids cycled through their turns, I was able to slip out and drop Brianna off to help with a computer issue at church.  Emma went to babysit for a friend and she and I had a cup of coffee and some good talk on what the Lord has been doing.
We had a number of errands to do.  Including shopping for lamps in their new bedroom.  I am in love with their final choice.  Ignore the mess.  While we are working on redecorating, Allen is working on remodeling with new floors, trim and wainscot.
Shopping makes me tired and the kids hungry.
After lunch it was off to shop for a new handbag.  I love taking my boys for errands like this.  Most men would be bored to tears.  Not the brothers of five sisters.  They love to look and feel and help choose a good bag.  Ditto to shoes, clothes or any other thing we ladies may be shopping for.  The other week one of the girls got  a new pair of sandals from shoes.com.  All the boys ran to see them and comment on how nice they were.  Oh, one day I hope those skills will pay off in dividends with lovely daughters in law.
After shopping, and the dentist and a very long Monday, we didn't want to do anymore than collapse when we got home.  While the boys happily played outdoors, the girls and I spent two hours discussing a number of spiritual topics from our Sunday evening meeting. We solved all the problems of the church and the world, except no one took notes.  

The kids took turns sleeping in the closet.  A little weird, I know.  Since my big girls were little the kids have always camped out in my room when Allen travels.  They really look forward to this now and it makes it a little less bad that Pa is away.  They have long since outgrown the point where they can all fit in my bed.  They drag down comforters, mattresses and the couch cushions into my bedroom and set up an encampment.  But these days, there isn't even enough floor space to go around.  The other night they emptied the closets and made tents over the doors and clothes rods.  This was so cool that instead of calling dibs on who will sleep in the bed, they called dibs on who gets to sleep in the closet.  Elisabeth kept insisting she wanted the door closed so she could use her flashlight.  I wasn't comfortable with that so I told her she had to keep it cracked.  Then, when she had fallen asleep, we opened the door all the way.  Good thing!  After making such a big deal out of being able to sleep in the closet by herself, she woke up in the middle of the night screaming, "I don't want to sleep in the closet by myself."  ☺

Samuel brought me this lovely buttercup.
 The boat the boys made.   They asked me to call Captain Sonny and find out the name of his boat but when I told them later, they named it the Key Lime instead.
 Notice it is a sail boat?  But they added a motor just in case.  ☺
We also made several batches of chex mix for the men's meeting at church.  We haven't made this in forever.  Brother Dave requested something salty and I think this fit the bill.  The girls mentioned we should make a little extra for us.  We used old bay on one batch and dry ranch dressing on another.  After the kids went o bed we proceeded to eat an enormous amount of the leftovers.  Which I don't really recommend.  We were all dying of thirst when we woke up this morning and I can't get enough water to kill it.

Carmella and I fell asleep during a movie in girl time.  As tired as I was, it was tough to put her down to bed with her being so warm and snuggly.
Ellie and I played dolls with Carmella.  Isn't it funny how Winnie looks like a doll herself sitting there?
Oh, it wasn't all fun and games.  I am a responsible Mama.  We had school and cleaned the house in there, too.  I just didn't take pictures.  


  1. Kat,
    I'd love to see a picture of the purse you ended up buying with all the help of the kids, boys included. It's amazing how much they get into shopping. My twins don't enjoy it at all. My oldest son, Austin, loves, loves to shop! He especially loves buying shoes whether they are new tennis shoes or cleats. It doesn't matter. :)

    Carmella is getting so big. She is so precious.

    Is Allen home now? I sure hope so. I don't like it when Shawn has to travel.


    1. It is hilarious the way boys love shopping... especially because it is a rare day that I like it. My hubby is a shopper, though, and will most often do the brick and mortar runs for our family.

      Allen is home now. He was gone to Texas for a week and then last week gone two days for his usual weekly travel. I hate that part of his job so much. I know it is a selfish attitude because he loves his work so much. I am truly grateful as many men hate their work and yet many others have no job at all. But it is hard to be one flesh and have half of you gone on a regular basis.

      And, yes, our sweet Carmella is is growing quickly. She is the darling of our family. I wanted to do an update for her last month when she reached nine months. Here she was ten months last week and I still haven't had time.