May 31, 2012


The other week, when I took the boys to the eye doctor, we spotted a new shop across the street.  That didn't surprise me, because that store front is something different every time I go down town.  What did suprise me was that it is a cupcake shop.  Who knew you could have an entire store for just cupcakes?

I am not into cupcakes.  I am not really into anything sweet.  Chocolate?  Yes.  Sugar?  Not so much. But what I am into is pink.  And I knew my little pink princess would love to go into this store.  Later in the week I had to bring the girls for their check up so I made a date to take Elisabeth to the "Pink store."

And everything truly was pink.

 Except for the cupcakes.  I was disappointed there was not even one with pink icing.  With all that pink, I think there ought to be a regular signature pink cupcake.
We made some choices from the non pink cupcakes.  A red velvet for Pa.  Chocolate, orange, a chocolate with cream cheese icing.

With cupcakes in hand, we headed out into the beautiful afternoon

for a walk through the beautiful down town.  
 Pass the ice cream shop
 And the Flights of Fancy
 And the coffee house
 And the umbrellas
 And the great old shops
And a neat picture, just because....
To, yes, another Cupcake Shop.  Now if you think I was shocked to know we had one cupcake store, I was doubly so to know that we have two.  Not even a block apart.  And notice the similarities in the name?  Do you think there was some competition there?  We didn't intend to go into this one but when we got there we had to check it out.

The girls weren't sure about taking a box from the competition in with us, but I have no qualms about such things.
So in we went.  I loved the tall domes on these.  Otherwise, I was not impressed.
We decided to get a few so we could compare.  Key lime, lemon and salted caramel.

No with two boxes in hand, we headed home to make some coffee and have lunch.

The comparison?

The cakes were dry and too sweet from both bakeries.  We thought our Hershey chocolate cake is millions times better than their chocolate cake.  The flavors were lacking in all the cakes.  We liked the marshmallow type icing at Angel Cakes much better then the icing at Angela's.  We thought the customer service was better at Angela's.  The cupcakes themselves were pretty enough, but for $2.50 and $2.75 a piece, I thought they were very small.  I could make a whole cake for that price.

In summary... truth be known, it was a fun outing with my girls.  However, we decided we could still live without cupcakes.


  1. Well, depsite the dissapointing cupcakes, it looks like you had a nice afternoon! :) I like cupcakes in moderation, but the only shop that "takes the cake" for me is Gigi's Cupcakes. Their frosting is quite tall, and they certainly aren't cheap, but my, is it worth it sometimes. My favorite is the red velvet - the cake is always fresh and moist, and the frosting is always scrumptious. :) So if you ever see a Gigi's cupcakes, do me a favor, and go in to try one. (Warning: all 8 of us can only eat four cupcakes in one sitting collectively.)


  2. Mmmmm I love cupcakes... but nothing beats homemade! ;o) Your downtown looks gorgeous, so quaint.

  3. What a fun afternoon for you all! I can't believe that first place didn't have a pink cupcake either. I absolutely love cupcakes and there's a cupcake and cookie shop not too far away but I've only been once, because my mother wanted to go. I wasn't really impressed either, lol!

  4. What a great little downtown you have, Kat. I loved seeing all of the photos. Cupcakes seem to be all the rage these days and the price is outrageous! I'd like to try your Hershey cake sometime. Have you posted the recipe?