May 4, 2012

Cutey Jewelry Giveaway

So you know how I love bling, right-o?

And I love these glass beads that are so popular in jewelry right now.
So, I was amazingly excited when Cutey contacted me to do a review of their bracelets.
And since they generously sent me two, I thought, why not do a give away for my blog readers?
Truth be known, they have been sitting around for several months now.  And I had hoped to do a give away to celebrate my 40th birthday.  Which came and went.  And then the anniversary of three years of Art's Chili Pepper.  Which came and went in a haze of busy.  Brianna finally insisted we go outside one nice day and take some pictures to post the giveaway.  I think that was a month ago.  

So, how about if we celebrate spring, and the last days of the Wachter home school year, and the irises blooming and picking our first strawberry of the season, and anything else that makes life extra wonderful?  

Fellows, this would be a great gift for the love of your life, sister, mother, daughter... 

I thought we should do something to get entered but had a hard time coming up with anything interesting.  So let's say this.  If you would like to be entered in the drawing you can earn one entry for each item.  Please leave a comment for each to keep the work simple for me.

1- You must be a follower of Art's Chili Pepper -mandatory-
2-  Post about the giveaway on your blog -optional-
3- Go to a post you've not read before and leave me a message.  Don't forget to stop back here and leave a comment so it gets entered in the drawing. -mandatory-
4- Leave a question you are just dying to have answered, and I will try to get to it before our Lord returns.-optional-
5- Tell me what you are currently studying in your Bible. -optional-
6-  Two entries if you tell me something amazing the Lord has done in your life or shown you recently. -optional-

Giveaway closes on May 17th and Brianna will help me do the random number thing and post the winner on the 18th.




  1. So you like "never" hear from me anymore....I am here this evening to remind you that you are a HUGE blessing:) I am VERY thankful GOD brought you into my life! So....even when you don't see me I am thinking about you and praying for your family. I thank you for your prayers and support over the years.
    Hugs, love, and prayers,
    Andrea....aka: Your crazy Virginia friend!

  2. Such a pretty bracelet! Love it. I already have your posts emailed to me! Also, I second Andrea above,your blot is a huge blessing in my life and I hope you continue here because. I love reading about your family and how God is working through you.!

    Your friend from Ohio.

  3. I second Andrea,your blog is a huge blessing to me. I enjoy having your posts emailed to me.

    Your friend from Ohio.

  4. I am definitely a follower- just not a consistent one simply due to busyness. You know the feeling. :) Thank you for the giveaway. The bracelets are beautiful.

  5. The Lord has recently reminded me to rely upon Him for all things. I wrote a post 5 or 6 weeks ago with the title "Rely" when I was going through a trial concerning shin splints. I was so caught up in the fact that I could not run, and possibly not be able to run in the half marathon that was scheduled for May 6th. God showed me to rely on Him and not running. He showed me that my identity is in Christ, not running or anything else for that matter. I am so thankful that He chose me and that He takes the time to mold me to be more and more like Him.

    And guess what? I was able to run the half just two days ago. My shin splints healed, I continued to train, and I did it! Praise the Lord.

    Hugs and Blessings,

    1. First, I think it is amazing that you are able to run a marathon. Although I used to run a bit for exercise, it has been many years since I ran any distance on a regular basis and I would likely die if I had to try. LOL. Actually, when I was pregnant with Elisabeth I had to give it up running with a serious case of shin splints that lasted months. By the time I was healed enough to run again, I was too big to even contemplate it. She was born in December, which is not a good time to take off running around here and I never got back to it again. I stay fit with other exercise but the prospect of running doesn't even appeal to me anymore. We have a neighbor who is nearly 80 and stopped by during her run the other afternoon. she was running in a half marathon this past weekend. Kudos to you both for your endurance and perseverance.

      I love the way the Lord used this to show Himself strong in your life. And the way, when you learned what He was trying to teach you, He worked it out to fulfill the desire of your heart. The Lord is good and faithful to teach us, if we will remain open and willing vessels. Praise Him for His goodness to you.

      Thank you for sharing with me. It is always such an encouragement to hear that the Lord is busy in the lives of our friends.