May 8, 2012

Joelie's Bible

Aedan's love for the Word has been such a blessing to me.  When he first learned to read, he determined to read through his Bible in one summer.  At the age of nine I believe he has been through his Bible more times than most adults.  I know he has memorized more scripture than I could ever hope to cram into this brick of a brain.  This year he determined to disciple Samuel and leads him in a daily Bible study.

He has owned a number of Bibles already and even though they each have nice features for young people just getting into the word, they all have cheap covers and fall apart very quickly, no matter how carefully you care for them.  The one we gave him for Christmas 2010 is already missing the cover.  

Last week I stopped to look at rugs for the girls' bedroom.  I got distracted in the book department looking at Bibles for a friend.  Aedan was with me and became very excited when he saw one he liked with a leather cover.  

He has been working for me the last few weeks to earn money for Samuel's birthday gift.  After making his purchase there was a little leftover which turned out to be enough for one of the Bibles on sale.  Except it had very small print.  He wanted large print so it would be easier to follow along in family Bible time.  

He spent a lot of time looking at Bibles online until he found a blue, large print, leather, KJV.  Which is not as easy as you might think.  He was so tickled when it came in the mail this morning.  

 And way more excited when he saw Pa had it imprinted with his name.
I had to chuckle when he asked just how did they know what his name was.  ☺  As a mother there are few things so precious than to know your children love the Lord and delight in His word.


  1. You should be proud! What a beautiful Bible. Oh, I love your new header! Did you make all the matching outfits? Very cute!

    Your Ohio friend.

    1. Jenny,

      I am indeed! He so encourages others to love the Word of God. Since he was just a little guy he wanted to be a preacher and I believe he will be one day.