May 10, 2012

Large Family Funny

Last week while we were running errands, I left the kids in the car while I made a quick stop.  When I came back to the car Emma said a woman knocked on the window and handed her this.  

I just had to laugh.  We had visiting children and one who was being less than cooperative.  It was indeed a tempting offer.  

All kidding aside, we have been mistaken for a preschool before.  One day there was a knock at the door.  When Allen opened it a gentleman introduced himself as one of our neighbors from "down the road."  (Pointing North of us).  After some chit chat,  he said his wife had noticed we run a day care and they were looking for someone to care for their grandchild.

And that was at least two kids ago.  I can not imagine what they might call us now.

Some of you larger families know what I am talking about here.  Isn't it amusing how people picture us?  Especially, as conservative Christians.  We have been described in lots of unusual ways.

One of our neighbors always called us the "Little House on the Prairie."  She explained it was because our girls mostly wear dresses.

Of course, there are all the people who ask if we are Amish.  Which is really hilarious because we don't dress anything like the Amish.  Talk about recognizable!  How can you mistake us for Amish?

And then there have been the many times we have been introduced as the "family with all the kids."

Don't you think it is kind of hilarious?  I mean really, it wasn't all that long ago when everyone had large families.  In fact, compared to our grandparents, we have one of those piddling little families.

Come on and make my day.  Share some of your large family funnies with me.


  1. Haha! That's great. :)
    Well, we only have six kids, but there's always the usual "are they all yours?" to my mother. Which makes me want to say, "Nope, we picked this one up on the side of the road. And we don't really know where these two came from." :P Ha!

    But once, when all but Lizzy were at the grocery store, a lady asked me if they were all my siblings. And Ava answers "Of course!"


    1. Ha! Sometimes I feel like saying, "No, there are a few more at home." or, "Well, there are a couple more but I can't seem to locate them right now."

  2. I think one time I was asked if we were Methodist. Or maybe it was Mormon. In any case, it was something we aren't. (No, we are not Catholic either!) I've never been asked if I was Amish (probably because I don't live on the East Coast), but really, people must not know what the Amish look like!! There's more to them than just dresses. (Like headcoverings and aprons anyone? :) Not to mention that they don't wear patterns and their hems are at their ankles! (And some of them wouldn't be caught dead wearing buttons!)

    When we go to the store with our whole family, then it's hard not to laugh at the people that eyeball us as we file past them in the aisle. haha! :D

    1. We have never gotten the Methodist question but we have been asked if we were both Mormon and Catholic. Am I the only one who thinks it is odd when people assume only religious people would have large families? Before we were saved, both my husband and I had hoped to have a large family.

      And yes, people must be living in some kind of vacuum if they don't know the difference between an Amish family and any other run of the mill gang. ☺

    2. I think it's because they figure anyone that's 'crazy' enough to have that many kids must be doing it for some religious reason or conviction. Ha! - yep, we're crazy, and we love it. :)

  3. Given that my maternal grandparents had 6 children and my paternal grandparents had 12, I expected to have a larger family as well. God had other plans. Maybe some assume that larger families belong to a certain category of people because deep down, they know how much humility, grace, and selflessness needs to exist in order to raise more children!

    At any rate, you have a beautiful family!

    1. What a positive spin on things, dear friend!



  4. I've been asked the usual "Are they all yours?" Then I've been asked what religion we are. Only once have we been asked if we were Mormon and that happened while we were in NM. I guess that's the larger families out there. We've been told we should get our own tv thanks. If people only knew that we are not the only "large" family out there. I think it's just that most people with a "large" family stay home more often. We get out quite a bit for a family with 11 children. Well, even if I run into the store with only 5 or 6 of them I get the comments. I usually don't say anything about the rest unless I'm just feeling mischievous. :) Recently I had the 4 younger boys and the baby, a girl, in the store with me and someone said something about "finally a girl" just let it go and kept walking. I wondered if they saw me later when one of the older girls came in with the other two younger girls.
    Well, I've rambled enough. I haven't been on here in a while and love the new picture at the top.