May 24, 2012

Overheard... From the backseat

We were driving down town this morning and Samuel made note of the ivy growing up the fronts of the old brick town homes.

"I like the ivy. But we can't grow it because it attracts snakes."

Other boy: We have ivy in the woods but we don't go in there. Because it attracts a lot of snakes."

Another boy: "We could go there with a grown up."

Other boy: "But KK isn't a big person."

Aedan: "But she is a grown up because she is done growing."

Sam: "KK, Nana and Emma are all done growing so they are grown up."

Aedan: And that is why they get to drink coffee.
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  1. Hahah!! :D That sounds a lot like what I hear from my siblings!! :D

    1. Do you not absolutely adore trying to follow the path their little minds take? It always makes me think of that little boy, Billy, in the family circle comics. You know how his mom tells him to go somewhere and then they draw a long path all over the house and yard to show the very indirect route he took?


      Mrs. W