May 28, 2012

Passing the Time With the Camera

On a recent errand day, I was nursing Carmella in the car between appointments and Elisabeth pulled my camera out.  She had a blast  photographing anything and everything for twenty minutes or so.  
She started out pretty ordinary with Emma.

And then moved on to an action shot... Pa and I coordinating our afternoon via text.  

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 And then she went through a series of the dashboard and control panels.
And the CD collection... which are worth nothing since there is a CD stuck in the player that won't come out.

And the other vehicles parked around us.

Nana's Literature book.

This is one you have to particularly like... a Kleenex stuffed in one of the nooks on the dashboard.

Then she tried some reflective shots using the window.

And moved on to feet...  Winnie's...


...her own...

... and together.

After about twenty feet shots she moved on to my coffee cup.

The dash has read "check tire pressure" since we bought this car four years ago.

When my budding photographer asked what she should take a picture of next, I directed her to the vanity mirror.  She thought that was a real blast.

After a few shots Ellie figured it out.

To wrap it up she captured some neat pictures of the downtown shopping in the review mirror.
Who knows... She might become the next Ansel Adams... and I can say, "I knew her when..."


  1. She took some nice shots! :o)

  2. Aww, how cute! Ava loves to take Momma's camera, and take *super* close shots of bananas, cabinets, and such. I call her my little camera buddy, since you could come to our house, and see the two of us next to each other, taking pictures. :D


  3. So cute! I love the ones she took in the mirror. :)

  4. Hi! My name is Kathy, and I just started reading your blog a few days ago. I just came across this one from May 28, 2012 where you mentioned the dash message has "check tire pressure" since you got it 4 yrs earlier. Mine had that, and it was the spare tire that needed airing up. Don't know if that helps, or if you even still have that vehicle ;-)

    1. Hi. Glad you stopped by Art's Chili Pepper. Alas, we parted with that dear old suburban last summer when we had to move up to a 15 passenger van. We did have a mechanic look at the message once when we had it in for servicing and he said he was a computer glitch and would cost a few hundred dollars to fix. He recommended doing nothing and we liked that idea. When we traded her in we passed the message on to the new owners who likely decided to ignore the light also. Funny thing is our new Ford van always has an error code, too. Which the mechanic says is a glitch and we should ignore it. My husbands Ford Fusion also has a permanent error message. Someone should probably run it by Ford one of these days. :)