May 3, 2012

Vitamins ?

Hi Kathleen!
I hope you and your family are doing well. We have been busy with the building of two bedrooms and a bathroom in the attic. I was just wondering what is your opinion of children taking vitamins,even if for the most part we eat healthy?

Hi, Friend.

It is good to hear from you.

In answer to your question about vitamins... it depends. I personally do not take or give our children vitamins on a regular basis. Studies show that our bodies can not assimilate these artificial forms of nutrients and so your money literally mostly goes down the toilet. I do hope you will pardon my euphemism. :-) It is much better to eat a well balanced diet and get lots of fresh air and sunshine for Vitamin D.

However, there are certain cases that do require assistance. There are people who suffer deficiencies for one reason or another and can not get what they need from food. We have seen this in children who have what is known as a vitamin D resistance, for example and must receive vitamin D injections to prevent brittle bones. I suffer from a genetic issue known as Thallisimia. This makes me anemic, at times severly so, requiring iron supplements from time to time. Still, I find I do better if I can simply keep red meat in my diet once or twice a week. If you have a specific need it should be discussed with your physician and carefully considered on a case by case basis before making a decision.

As a general rule, however, I believe supplements are over exalted and another method of scaring us into throwing our hard earned money out the window.  I know many dentists recommend flouride supplements for children. However, flouride is a poison to the body. We have chosen to never give these to our family and they all have strong healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. Unfortunately, they all still require extensive orthodonture. :-)

With all that being said, Elisabeth has suffered constant bladder and yeast infections since infancy. I find if I regularly give her an acidopholus supplement and a cranberry concentrate it keeps her well in both regards. Likewise, four years ago after twenty years of ulcer and reflux prescriptions to no avail, I began taking a daily acidopholus supplement each morning and I have had tremendous success and rarely have any discomfort, even when eating spicy foods.

I hope that helps you with your question. If you have more specific questions by all means drop me another email.

Love to you,



  1. I totally agree. The only time we have vitamins is when we are sick. And vitamin C is the only one. :)


    1. Hi, Bree.

      Thanks for mentioning that. I meant to and totally forgot. I was typing on my phone and it is not my favorite way to do things. ☺ We take huge amounts of vitamin C when sickness is going around in order to ward off a plague. It seems to be effective since our doctor complains we never bring the kids to see him much.


      Mrs. W