May 11, 2012

Wachter Wagon Grammar School Club Notebook

The big girls' room is still under construction.  This weekend their project is to clear off their shelves and pack up things they will not be incorporating in their made over room.  Ultimately, we would like to put some paint on the walls one of these days.  This step was supposed to be finished before Easter.  Well, really, this room was supposed to be finished by Easter weekend.  But a big pile of wood in the front yard derailed the whole project.  But let us not digress.

This afternoon in their sorting and cleaning and putting away and packing up, Kaitlin found an old notebook entitled the "Wachter Wagon Grammar School Club Notebook."  This dates back to 2007.  If you are up for a laugh or want another reason to believe the old Wachter gang are a bit more than wacky read some on.  This is typed exactly as it appeared in the notebook.
Wachter Wagon club founded May 12, 2006, Friday.
Club Rules
1.  At age 6 club members are responsible for hosting a party.  This party will have a cake selected by the Host/Hostess and baked by a person of his or her choice.
2.  Record keeping is a must.  Each meeting record (minutes) must include *that is the purpose of this notebook* date, attendees, subject (s), activity (ies), time, length, who voted what, what the notebook owner voted for.
3.  All meetings must be attended by all members unless:  school, chores, mama calls, out of town, (or needed to potty), or sick (in this case the meeting will be held in the room of the ailed.)
Chairman- Kaitlin
Secretary/Assistant chairman/Treasurer/costume designer- Brianna
Assistant Secrattary/Secretary and Director of the board- Emma
Bored-Nathaniel and Aedan
Club Names
Kaitlin- Jo
Brianna- Meg
Emma- Amy
Nathaniel- Teddy
Aedan- Baby Rob
Responsibilities (of the owner of this notebook) Chairman must (in this order)
1- Make sure all members have pottied before hand
2- Provide refreshments
3- Make sure all rules are followed, every vote is counted, keep records, make sure that every member is heard from equally
4- must prepare all subjects for meetings
5- call, adjourn, and break meetings
6- chairman must head and direct all group projects
May 9, Thursday, 2007 approximately 3:00 pm
The first official meeting of the WWGSC was held May 9, 2007 at Approximately 3:00 PM.  The vote turned in favor of the "Crabby Song" by Sandra Boynton.  "Philadelphia Chickens" by the same was chosen second.  "Oh Lonely Peas" received no votes.  The costumes, pamphlets, and present for Mother's Day from the whole club were discussed.  All members attended.  The votes ran thus:  KK- Crabby Nana-Chickens Amy- Crabby Teddy-Crabby Baby Rob-chickens.  Subject of next meeting:  Costumes, poster picture, pamphlets, first practice, choose dates of show, Apron giving date.
May 11, 2007 approximately 5:00 pm
It was decided that the poster picture would be taken the next Thursday that mom and Pa go dancing.  Meg will be held responsible.  On May 12, or next available opportunity, to celebrate the first anniversary of WWGSC.  We decided to write a theme song for WWGS at the party.  Costumes for the first production of the crabby song were decided.  Boys will wear their sailor suits.  Girls will wear capri pants, pa's undershirts and a home made collar.  It was decided that the apron for mother's day would be given to mom tonight.  Our first practice, though we can't put our fingers on a date, will be ASAP.  The majority voted on the idea of the chairman.  To choose dates after we have perfected the performance.  Pamphlets will be handled by secretary, Meg.

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  1. Oh my, that is great! Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Wachter — what a sweet "blast from the past". :D

    I hope y'all are doing well!

    Elizabeth Rose