June 5, 2012

The Big Day

Well, today was the day.  After living for a month in Elisabeth's room, our newest bird companion, Chili Pepper, Pepper for short, moved into her permanent home.  Elisabeth has so been looking forward to this day.  She has deemed Pepper her bird and has talked to her and sang to her and fed her since we brought this sweetie home.  Every time Ellie thought Cocoa seemed sad she would say, "Don't worry, Cocoa, I have a new Mama (that means wife) for you in my room."   

 Elisabeth happily got Pepper settled in while nine pairs of eyes watched on.
 Our feathered friend was understandably nervous at first.  Ellie stayed with her and fed her some treat. 
And in no time, Cocoa and Pepper were perched across from each other checking the other out eye to eye. I think it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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  1. How cute!!!! I think my kids would love to have a bird!!