June 6, 2012

Breaking Ground

Sunday evening we had the privileged of joining these special friends for the ground breaking on their new home.  We have watched and prayed with them over this project for many years and it is so exciting to see how the Lord is bringing everything into place to make a home for this beautiful family.

 We had a beautiful prayer time to bless the family, the project and the lives that will be lived out within its walls.  And then the kids had a blast checking out the bulldozer.  I don't know what was more exciting... the big truck or being able to climb on it in their Sunday-Going-To-Meeting clothes.
 For that matter, I don't know who was more excited, the little boys or the Papas.
 The weather turned unusually cool here this weekend but no one was in a hurry to leave as we stood on the mountain top and watched the sun set around us.
 At six fifteen this morning Aedan was up and dressed and finished his chores so he wouldn't miss the opportunity to drive out to their property and see the basement being dug.
 The truck entertained them for a minute but the dirt pile kept them occupied for more than an hour.
 When all the other kids had abandoned it for a game of tag, Samuel stayed on enjoying time to dig in the earth.
Lord, we are so grateful for the work you are doing in the lives of this family.  We thank you for the way you are providing for the man of God and his family who have committed their lives to your service.  Please bring this project around smoothly and quickly and let us all see lives changed by what you are doing in this home and in this family.  We thank you for the way you show your self strong in our earthly needs.  I thank you in Jesus name.

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