June 2, 2012

A Doll Affair

A few weeks ago, within days of each other, two of our most beloved dolls were in need of repair. One with a ripped arm and the other with a missing leg.  Some years ago, when we had another doll's head come dis-attached, we found Dr. Sue, a doll maker and artist.  We were so amazed by her thoroughness, friendliness and amazing work we sent mom's vintage Raggedy Anne doll off to her shop in Colorado for a much needed makeover.  She  not only came home with a new wig and face but several new outfits sewn by Sue.  

Over the years we kept in touch by email until we lost all our contacts in the big "Outlook Crash of 2010".  Sue Hardy was the first to come to mind when Betsy and Liberty were we discovered Betsy and Liberty in need of repair. We tried to track her down via the WWW but couldn't locate her.  We finally contacted Vision Forum, where Liberty came from, and got a referral.  I was shocked at the outrageous price they were asking.  The price started at $70 to have the two limbs reattached.  With shipping I couldn't justify the expense.  

In danced KK to save the day.  We spent a great deal of time emptying drawers, shelves and all the nooks and crannies in her bedroom to lay new flooring and repaint.  And she just happens to be enough of a pack rat that she just so happened to have Sue's contact info still floating around on an old letter or bill or something.    

She called Sue.  Sue said send the dollies.  And two weeks later, they arrived safe and sound and good 
better than new.  

The repairs were beautiful.  Beyond that she had also written a little rhyme for each, given them a thorough cleaning, styled Liberty's hair and spruced them up with a headband, booties, bloomers, shoes and other clever accessories. 
And all for such an economical price, too! Liberty is a Engle Puppen and when we looked into having her repaired by the company the cost was almost equal to the cost of a whole new doll but Mrs. Hardy did is for a fantastic price, especially considering the fact that it turned out to be more work then what she intially thought and more then what we requested.
The grand total for both dolls and shipping?  $35.  You read that right.  The cost of just attaching the arm to Brianna's Betsy.
I was delighted to sit the boys down and explain to them the fine quality of work and the example of how a Christian should do his work and run his business.  Last year we did a Proverbs study on the diligent man versus the slothful man,this was a fabulous picture to add to it.
So, Mrs. Hardy, thank you so much for your hard work and sharing your talent with us. 
Liberty and Betsy send their genuine thanks as well and haven't stopped talking about the delightful time they had visiting Dr. Sue :)
And when Elisabeth woke from her nap and saw them sitting in the box on the coffee table, 
 she was delighted, too.
For all those mamas reading who have long since lamented what to do with those babies who have been well loved send them off to Dr. Sue for the TLC they need at a price you can afford.

Check her out at A Doll Affair.  


  1. Wow, she does a great job! I love the little poems. :)


  2. dear All dolled up again!

    These days/months since our big move I seldom get to connect to read blogs so I am sooooo happy to see your post today as this doll-affair is so close to my heart. In a big box in the basement....recently saved from a flood in the garage due to torrential rain where we live near Wood River NE now....are my 6 beloved dolls i have saved all these years. Of course they are in various stages of need. Hair, a couple limbs....you know. Ever waiting for their makeovers!

    You can imagine my delight to see what a perfect repair you got for yours. Love the pure joy written all over your little kiddleywinks face too.

    Making travel plans to Colorado this Summer

  3. Wow that is totally awesome.