April 19, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday, Aedan!

How very pathetic that this post is just now getting finished when Aedan's birthday was way back in April!  What's worse is that it was all but done before his birthday.  I was just waiting to upload the photos to publish it.  But you all know my favorite saying, "Better late than never!"

Oh, my word!  How can our Aedan be nine?  It was a day much like today, cold and raining, that he came into our world.  It seems like just yesterday, even though we have been blessed with his little brother and two sisters in that time.

With finals and a host of ministering opportunities going on right now, I assigned Herman, Herman and Emma, the un-party planners, to the task of making a special day for our little fellow.  We couldn't quite come up with a theme to get started.  Then Kaitlin hit upon a robot cake in Family Fun magazine and it really took off.

Aedan is usually the only one up with me in the morning.  I am completely amazed that the kids managed to get up and actually catch him sleeping this morning.

This cherry tree has always bloomed on his birthday.  We call it Aedan's tree.  We took a picture of the family with it in full bloom on the Easter morning we brought him home from the hospital.  Aedan was really bummed out that it bloomed three weeks earlier this year.  His spirits were boosted that there were still some blossoms left for today.
Aedan told the girls they could surprise him with the theme for his celebration.  They found some great robot ideas and ran with it.
As is our favorite birthday tradition, here are our family blessings for this little bit of sunshine God gave to us nine years ago.
Winnie: He reads to me. :)
The girls are rubbing off on the boys.  Nathaniel wrapped his package and decorated it to go with their decor.

Ellie: He's so cheerful.

You are always obedient for those in authority. Matthew 7:24

You have a beautiful heart that wants to serve and follow the narrow path. Always keep Jesus as your foundation. Love, Näna
I found a fun kit to make our own robot.  It took us a while but we got it together and the kids chased it around for a good part of the morning.

You are always exhorting others to grow. Hebrews 3:13, "...Exhort one another daily..."~Emma
These chocolate covered marshmallows were too cute to pass up.

He shares. Proverbs3:28 -Sam
I think this cake idea came from Family Fun magazine.  It set the tone for the whole party.

Aedan is always going out of his way to be helpful, and constantly giving of his time."God loveth a cheerful giver." II Cor. 9:7
In addition to playing cards, pinning various parts on robots and photography lessons with Brianna, Aedan celebrated with a number of robot themed party games.

Aedan I praise you for the way you allow the leading of God to direct you life.  Your willingness to put in the time and energy  into learning and studying the Word is an inspiration to us all.  Even more impressive is the effort which you put into helping your younger brother in his study.   It is truly a delight to witness your growth.  "May the Lord bless you and keep and make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; and give thee peace all the days of thy life." (Numbers 6:24-26)-Pa
Part decoration and part lunch, the kids made these robot juice boxes.

Psalm 139:17"How precious also are they thought unto me, O God! How great is the sum of them!"Aedan truly treats the Lord's word as something more precious than anything else. His devotion to reading, studying and memorizing it is an example to all of us. And his love for the Word pays off as I see it growing and changing him. It is truly making him a wise man as he quietly points us to Scripture to fit most situations our family encounters. ♥ Mama
For the food... because you knew there had to be food... Aedan chose lox and bagels for breakfast.  Isn't that a favorite for all nine year old boys?

Lunch was baked macaroni and cheese with raw veggies and hummus
Dinner?  Steak, potatoes, asparagus and Caesar salad, with anchovies.
Beautiful boy, you are such a blessing to us and everyone who crosses your path.  Your cheerful heart that loves the Lord and desires to honour Him in all you do are a challenge to your family and the world.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving this son and brother to us.
But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.  Proverbs 4:18

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