June 14, 2012

The Little Things

In my experience, it is the little ways we express our love which make the most impact.

Oh, don't get me wrong, grand gestures like bling, a special trip for two or a beautiful bouquet of flowers are nice to give and receive.  However, the day to day ways we show each other we are thinking about them are often the touches that keep us going through the trenches of life and keep those heartstrings tied tight, even when we are separated.

My hubby excels at little things.

Something so small as a dab of toothpaste, is a big reminder that someone is thinking about me.  Oh, you might giggle but I am a simple girl.  It makes my heart swell when I walk into the bathroom and find my tooth brush on the edge of the sink all ready to go at the end of an exhausting day.

I have had enough dental problems that I tend to be a little obsessed with oral hygiene.  My hubby uses that to his wooing advantage.

Last year we were 8 hours or so into a 16 hour drive when we got word that the fire department had been called to our home for a chimney fire.  I was in the midst of studying for a difficult final the next day and really burnt out myself.  Several kids were sick and the baby had thrown up all over me.  We stopped for a break, stretched our legs and used the rest room.

When we got back to the car my husband presented me with a package of dental floss from the gas station store.  He remembered I had ran out the night before.  He remembered how important it is for me to floss after meals.  It seems like a little thing, but for me it was HUGE.  It soothed my frazzled nerves in a big way.

Each morning, I like to get up before the family and spend 1-2 hours studying and praying and reading my Bible before the day gets crazy.  Allen does NOT like to get up or do anything early in the morning.  His mom tells me that comes from her side of the family.   Still, just about every morning he drags himself out of slumber to bring my favorite cup filled with coffee and a sprinkle of vanilla sugar on top.

One of the things we really have to work on diligently is staying connected when Allen travels for work.  This is the greatest struggle in our marriage.  My love language is time.  It doesn't have to be much, but I need a dose every day.  Just saying.  When my hubby is gone for a day or more I start feeling alone.  One way we find victory is to keep an eye out for ways to show each other we are together, even when we aren't.  We also keep a repertoire of ways to reconnect emotionally after travel days.  But that is another post.

Text and cell phones really help with this.  Picture text is even better for a family with lots of growing children at home.  I remember the days when Allen would be gone for weeks and we would have little to no contact at all.  But thanks to modern technology we can have a dialogue no matter how many miles are between us.  But its still the little things that keep my heart singing throughout the day.

Wednesday is the dreaded weekly travel day.  This morning I got up to find my favorite cup next to the coffee maker...
 and this note on top of the machine.

It may be a little thing, but it keeps my heart pining for the someone sweet who will walk through the door at the end of the day.

What little things can you do today to make your marriage tie a little tighter?


  1. Do you ever argue? Or do you always get along? Do you go to bed before him, since you get up early? If he is a night owl, does he sleep later than you? Just curious, my husband us a night owl and I am not. It can cause problems.

    1. Oh, Jenny!

      You always challenge me with such good questions. ☺ I am going to answer this in a post because I think it is something that many of us should consider.