June 16, 2012

Children Welcome but Please Check Your Germs At the Door

Okay.  Hold on to your seats because I am going to rant for a while and it might not be pretty.  ☺

But seriously, here is the deal.  Our family has not had a solid night sleep since the first week of May.  We have missed church services.  We have prayed and worried and poured medicine into the bodies of  three of our children.

And why?

Because no good deed goes unpunished.  (My mom used to say that.)

No, really.  Twice since March, friends have asked us to watch their children.  When they arrived they were sick.  Both times the children were running fevers and had runny noses.  The second time the child brought a bag of medicine with her and had a hacking cough.  There is no way these Mama's did not know their children were ill.

It may not seem like a big deal to you but to a family of ten and a family with asthma sufferers it is a HUGE deal.

A simple cold that will come and go in a week for a small family can take months to cycle through a family our size.  All the while we miss church and other activities while we stay home to prevent spreading it to anyone else.

To make matters worse, in addition to myself, three of our children have asthmatic tendencies.  What does that mean?  A simple cold takes weeks or even months to get out of the lungs. And all the while we sit up with kids in steam showers, listening to the terrible bark of an asthma attack as they try to get air.  The last three nights Aedan has had to receive breathing treatments three times that of an adult just to relax his lungs enough that he could to go to sleep.

If you have never woken in the middle of the night to be sure your child was still breathing then you can't begin to understand the impact a simple cold can have.  So, I am here to tell you.  Perhaps, next time your child is sick,  you will consider the impact it will have on others before you send them to school, take them visiting drop them off in the church nursery or leave them with a friend to babysit.

Because the thing is, maybe we would have gotten sick anyway, but do you want to be the one responsible?


  1. I feel this way so often! We end up skipping many services, or not putting M in her class at church during cold and flu season, because colds in kids are normal...but colds in a kid with a heart condition (and weak lungs because of her heart condition) can put that kid in the hospital. Plus, other kids can take medications and get better, a kid with a heart condition cannot take those meds.
    I think this rant in my head all the time! :-)

  2. Oh, I know! It used to really bug me when "that one church" we used to go to was so adamant about coming to church no matter what. I refused to take my children to church if they were sick. I did not want to pass anything around. And since others would bring their sick children, things got passed around quite a bit. It would really bother me. Thankfully, now, we don't have to deal with that. :)