June 12, 2012

Samuel's 7th Birthday

Our Samuel celebrated his 7th birthday today.  He is such an enthusiastic and energetic boy. It is hard to not be excited around him.  He is always raring at the bit and ready to go and do and be and eat up all of life that he can.  He has been like that since he was born.  He was delivered by the nurse who was checking us into the hospital that day because he couldn't wait for the doctor to arrive.  I don't think he has stopped moving since.  
In March, Aunt Dawn gifted the children with an enormous tent.  They set it up and had fun playing in a few times but the weather has been wet and/or too cool to sleep in it most nights.  Samuel requested a camp for his birthday celebration.
 We dug out the old sleeping bags
 And revived camp Wachter
 Breakfast was camp pies with strawberry jam.
 Ellie shares a little birthday love with her big brother and best friend.
 Emma Rose, Nathaniel and Aedan outdid themselves.  The kids are really enjoying playing Clue this summer.  Aedan got the idea to make a Jonathan Park Clue.  Jonathan Park is Samuel's obsession.
 I can not get over how clever it was.  Each detail was well thought out and well drawn out.  They colored their way through several sets of markers.  From the game board with all the rooms you might find in the Creation Museum
 right down to the character and weapon cards, nothing was forgotten.  We gave it the first run this morning and had a blast.  Aedan won... he always wins when we play a game.
 Aedan and Nathaniel helped Sammy build a model.
 Aedan gave Sam a camping knife
 The girls planned camp style meals for the day including hot dogs and hobo dinners which are amazingly simply and surprisingly tasty.
 Brianna baked and decorated this campfire cake.  (Lemon flavored with chocolate fudge icing... because I know you are going to ask.  ☺)
Blessings from the family for our little man

Pa-his energy... Samuel is quick to go to God with his problems
Aedan- he is so sharing... when he makes a mistake he is quick to fix it by admitting it and asking for forgiveness
Emma Rose-He is quick to share and offer comfort to others, particularly with his woof-woof
KK- He is so eager to participate in whatever others are doing
Nana- His compassion for others
Mama- His complete unwavering faith and belief in the things of God... the way he looks out for Elisabeth and Carmella
Ellie-He plays with me... He is my best friend
"By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted... " Proverbs 11:11


  1. Oh my word!! The best, and most original party I've seen in a long time!! I loved the pictures! Everything looks so good, and the kids are adorable!! What fun!

  2. Happy Birthday Samuel! I love your theme and cake!