June 4, 2012

Sunday Pictures

We have a little friend at church who is Samuel's age.  Suzanna is so special!  Every Sunday she brings  little letters and pictures to our family.  These collect all over my house, because I can not bear to part with them.

While the content is just too precious for words, the heart behind them is even more so.

She sent this one home with Allen the other week when Elisabeth was home sick.  Carmella stayed home, too, and I guess she thought baby was the sick one.  

 Suzanna her brother and sisters all have beautiful red hair.  The red in my hair costs an arm and a leg and two hours in Alison's chair every six weeks.  I am not sure where the rest of the family got it, but I sure love it.

Last Sunday she gave Ellie a note that said, "I love y'alls dresses.  They are too cute."  How can you not love a girl who writes like that?

A few years ago she made me the tallest, KK next and then Brianna and on down the line.  Somewhere she figured out Brianna was taller than Kaitlin and now she draws us that way.  I am still a wee bit taller than Nana.  Don't you think she has nice perspective?

But the best perspective from this little sweetie is a heart that loves to bless others around her in the little way she can, by her drawing and writing.

Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if all of us took that cue and used what talents we have to bless those the Lord puts in our path?  It might be cooking, sewing, cleaning, music or art like our Zanna.

Find your talent and do something special with it today.

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