July 6, 2012

Bathing Suits, Poms, and Happy Hours

Looking through my email I see 55 unanswered reader questions... Yikes!   I won't get to them all before Carmella wakes up, but here is a start.

From Elizabeth Rose... 
Where do y'all get the recipes?

Well, some are family recipes we make all the time... such as the sausage rolls.  We love to flip through magazines for ideas, like the shrimp skewers.  Some are favorites we have collected from friends over the years, note the fruit dip.  And some come out of our little old heads.  We don't mind experimenting and with so many people there is usually someone who will like what you make so not much waste to worry about.  If there is a specific one you would like just say the word and I will post as time allows.

Those poms are gorgeous . . . would a tutorial post sometime soon be a possiblity? It would be great fun to make them for Momma's birthday in a few weeks. :)

As for the poms... I have asked the girls to do a guest post with a tutorial ASAP.  They assure me it will be in the next day or two.

And one last question, and then I'm done. ;) Kaitlin's bathing suit is adorable; would you mind letting me know where you got it? Momma and I have been looking all over for a more modest one for me, but to no avail. :/

Swimsuits are so tough for sure!  We get most of our swimwear from Lands End.  My girls don't mind looking and shopping so they do most of the hunting for me.  They like to coordinate all the suits for the family each year, which incidentally makes for some adorable beach pictures each fall.  They can be very pricey so we shop at the overstocks, watch for the amazing annual sales and shop in the clearance each August for next year's outfits.  eBay is a great source if you are just looking for one suit and not trying to match ten.  There are a few formulas that work for us.

1.  Swim skirts and or dresses.  These are gaining in popularity so they are becoming easier to find, which often means less expensive.  It really is important to check measurements for the length and try on if possible.  I had one that was almost knee length from Lands End several years ago.  I loved it!  As I lost weight after Elisabeth's birth I ordered what I thought was the same one in a smaller size.  It comes just half way down my thighs and while it looks modest from the front is shorter than I would like in the rear.  I have a lot of padding in the back, if you get my drift, so someone less proportioned may not have so much trouble in this area.

2.  My girls LOVE to get mens swim trunks to coordinate with their tops.  They come to knee length or below, dry quickly and look very adorable.  One of the reasons we prefer to shop at Lands End is because it is easy to coordinate the ladies tops with the mens trunks.  Check measurements carefully.  Boys and men lack the hips of young ladies so you have to allow room in your fit to get over those curves.  It took many returns for us to get that into our head!  If you are well rounded like Brianna and Kaitlin you may consider Husky boys.  Most trunks have draw strings so the waist is not an issue.

3.  Tankini tops.  This is a matter of looking and seeking and preference.  The nice thing here, of course, is that you can find exactly what you like.  Be careful to check for a lined top.

4.  Rashguard or surfer type shirts.  These aren't just for the guys.  Emma likes to get a lined bikini top that fits more like a bra and put a swim shirt over top.  In years past she has chosen a boys rashguard that coordinates with her trunks or skirt.  Last fall she found the adorable striped one in the girls listing.  You can see it in this picture.  (Scroll down to girls washing dishes by the pool)  We really were crazy for the feminine cut and gathered sleeves.  If going with a boys cut allow room for the bust measurement.  You can also wear a standard one piece and put the rashguard over top, but we prefer more coverage on the bottom and the one piece is a hindrance on visits to the ladies' room.  One added plus to the rashguard shirts is the sun protection.  If you are fair skinned and burn easily like some of us, this makes summer fun a lot more comfortable.  

I hope I haven't worn you out with all those questions. :P Tell all the other Wachters I said hello!

My sweet friend, I always welcome your questions, as long as you don't mind me taking forever to answer them.  ☺  Hugs back from the Wachter gang!

From Julianne

What an adventure! I had to laugh at the pic of all your kids lined up in the basement. We lost power for multiple days a couple of years ago and our whole family did the same thing - so hot!!
Love the poms! I can see why your girls get asked to make them all the time. Is it something they came up with on their own or did they find a tutorial somewhere?
I also love the happy hour competition! That is one of my family's favorite things as well and we are always looking for new appetizers, treats, and drinks to try!

It's always about the poms, isn't it!  Laughing out loud, dear girl.  I think it is a little of this and a little of that.  My girls tend to find an idea somewhere and then fly it with until it becomes their own.  As I said to Elizabeth Rose, a tutorial has been promised shortly right here at Art's Chili Pepper.  It's funny about those things because we made them when I was in girl scouts 30 years ago. When I saw them pop up again last winter I was shocked that anyone would be interested and then my very own daughters fell in love.  It just goes to show, everything comes back around eventually.

As for Happy Hour, we love it!  I love appetizer food anyway.  I will often make a meal of just an appetizer and when we eat out I have such a hard time deciding on just one because they all always look so tempting.  One of my favorites this time of year is Cevice.  Oh, yum!  We make lots of great drinks by substituting alcohol for various sodas or juices.  Also, go to the mixer section on the shelf or in the freezer department of your grocery store.  Many of those are fabulous with club soda and a twist of lime or a maraschino cherry tossed in.  I find lots of ideas flipping through my two favorite magazines, Coastal Living and Southern Living.  A good pitcher of tea sweetened with fresh mint springs or a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade should not be over looked, though.  A number of years ago Allen gave me the book, "Margarita Mama" (available at Amazon) which is full of delicious and often nutritious Mocktail recipes.  When you have some time, perhaps you will share some of your favorite recipes with us?

Wishing you many Happy Hours with a pom or two thrown in,


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  1. Thank you for answering my questions, Mrs. Wachter — this was very helpful! :)

    Much love,
    Elizabeth Rose