July 9, 2012

diy | poms

We have gotten multiple requests for a diy on how to make poms like we did for Mom's party, the sweetheart banquet, Winnie's birthday and a couple of baby showers we've attended over the summer. So here it is for all you lovely people who have requested it:
>>Spread out 10 sheets of tissue paper.

>>Accordion fold (between 1.5-2 inch folds) the full length of the sheet. This does not need to be perfect. Just estimate and try to keep the ends even.
 >> With your twine/yarn/string tightly tie the center of the now folded tissue paper. Pull it as tight as you can and be sure to leave about a foot of string to hang the pom with.
 >>Clip both ends. This is not necessary but, in my opinion, looks way cooler in the end.
 >>Fan out the accordion fold.
 >>This is the fun part...start fluffing! Do this by gently separating the layers of tissue. Since you're using ten pieces of paper fluff five to the one side and five to the other. If you tear a piece of the tissue no sweat! It's so fluffy you won't even notice.
 >>Voila! You now have a beautiful fluffy pom. Congrats! Give yourself a pat on the back. See...told you it was easy.

There are some simple variations that can give your pom a whole different look. Here are some of my favorites:

-Snip, snip. A few snips to the ends of the accordion fold (like I had you do in the tutorial) can give your pom a little ruffle. I showed you a triangle cut in the tutorial but you can also round the edges, leave them uncut or whatever you can come up with. In the pom below I did half uncut and half triangle cut so you can see the contrast.
-Color pop. Instead of using all one color, simply layer different pieces of tissue paper to coordinate with your color scheme. This can look so adorable if colors are coordinated well.

-Hanging banner. multiples to a pieces of string/twine in one or varying sizes for a little something to make your guests look up.

-Welcome banner. Simply time three poms together to a single piece of twine or string leaving a few inches a the top to tie into a loop for a pleasant welcome to partying guest.

-Itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie. If you want your poms slightly smaller do the same thing using paper napkins in dinner or cocktail size.

-On a stick! For a baby shower earlier this summer I took cocktail napkins, cut them in one quarter, layered some colors and folded these really small poms. Then I hot glued them to striped paper straws and put three or so in a mason jar for very cute centerpieces.
 -Lily pad. For the same shower, I used paper cocktail napkins cut in quarters but instead of fluffing both sides I only fluffed one and than set them on the table to make a lily pad looking variation.
Explore! There are so many things you can do with these babies. We've even used five tied to a piece of twine to make a banner. Every time I make one I like to try out something just a little different. So many possibilities here. If you come up with any I didn't mention feel free to leave a comment or send an email and let me know. I'd love to hear about it. 

Hope that helps you guys. Let me know if I wasn't clear enough or if you have any questions.

-näna (of By the Way)

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