July 11, 2012

July Fourth

We had a picnic with our church family to celebrate the fourth.  Kaitlin got crafty and gathered up hats, leis and other fun Patriotic paraphernalia to make a more festive atmosphere.  

The night before we sat around the pool and put together these fun crackers I saw in Taste of Home.  The youngers had so much fun making them, when we had used up all the taffy we had bought to put inside they started raiding their private stashes of candy to make more.  

We made chocolate covered marshmallows to match Aedan's birthday theme.  We thought they were so adorable we decided to dip some more using patriotic colors.  These are so super simple, the only trick is to not eat all of them before you get to the party.
 Of course there were lots of friends

 and lots of food

 because we wouldn't be Victory Baptist Church if it was any other way.

Passing Carmella around is a favorite past time at any function we attend.

But she is always happiest in the arms of her Pa.

We were please our friends and neighbors could join us for the picnic.

It was HOT.  But then again, it is supposed to be hot in July.  Some dear soul had arranged for lots of water games to keep the kids out of trouble and the rest of us cool.
Samuel could care less about the heat.  He kept moving at his usual pace... fast, faster and fastest.
Our family took their turn in the water balloon launching contest.
 Fortunately, Mark and Terri were better leading the catching side...
 then Allen and I were on the shooting side.
Aedan was kind of bummed he couldn't take part in the relay races so Mr. Braun let him be the official ice cream cranker.
 He was happily rewarded for his diligent and hard work.  

 The girls got a card game going that eventually got a huge group included.

 And because it was so hot... the younger set made a constant feast of these pops.  My kids have never had them before and were completely amazed by the whole thing.  From Nathaniel down each child had to come to me at least once to say, "Look, these are popsicles!"

 Because it was so very hot... did I mention that?.... the kids had some air conditionless friends over for a water balloon fight and swimming in the afternoon.

 Since we moved back out to the country, our family has made a tradition of going into town to have Rita's for Italian Ice and watch the fireworks at the city park.
 My precious men
 And my favorite line up
 Carmella loved both the ice
and the fireworks.

*Some pictures in this post were taken by friend and church sister, Kelly B.  Thanks for your great shots, Kelly!*

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