July 7, 2012

Little Friends with Darling Voices

So you know how some kids have the most annoying voices in the world?  Do you know what I mean?  There is a pitch or tone or the sheer volume that makes you wish they would just stop talking????

We have these little friends who have the most darling voices you can imagine.  I just love listening to them talk.  If the sound of their voices isn't enough to put a smile on your face then rest assured what they have to say will.  You never know what might come out of their mouths but you can be sure it will not be what you expected and it will definitely make you laugh.  After we spend some time with them we quote the Schmidt kids for days... and then some.  

They were with us for two days and one night this week and we were in stitches the whole time.  Last night I was brushing my teeth and chuckling to myself and I thought, "I need to write this stuff down so I don't forget."  I do that a lot.  I want to remember something and before I get a chance to write it down I forget what it was.  

The other night at dinner we were discussing the girls need for a tripod for filming a video they are working on.  Samuel peeps up with, "What's a tripod?"  Before I could answer Aedan says, "An i-Pod with three legs."  Ha!

So, I was brushing my teeth and remembering all the funny things the kids had said during the day and I grabbed my handy wipe board marker and made a list on my bathroom mirror.  Which in itself is a topic of discussion.  We always write things on the mirrors in our house but it is typically scripture or a quote or a love note to someone.  This list consisted of a few brief words in each bullet that made no sense to anyone.  So everyone kept asking me what it meant.  

Everyone, except Allen, who certainly knew he would read about it on my blog.  He just added his own note to my list.  

Flamingo KissesReading in PinkNot a CatThe InfirmaryFind Her EyeballHeart Healthy and Tasty

As we giggled through the day we spent a lot of time in the pool with temperatures soaring to near the hundreds.  We are so grateful for the gift of friendship with these precious little ones and we can't wait for their little brother to make his entrance so we can get to know him, too.  Thank you for sharing your family with us!

This little cutie is so hilarious.  Ella is two weeks younger than Ellie and they are so much alike.  They love the same things and love to gang up as little Mamas to baby Kenna and Carmella.  I was reading aloud to them at nap time yesterday and Ella picked up Emma's pink and green Bible and was "reading" it.  When the chapter was finished I took the Bible and laid it on the night table.  She said, "I can find my place again, I will remember where I was."  I said something along the lines of what a pretty Bible it was.  She said, "I like reading in pink.  It is so much prettier."

Josiah is a hopping ball of energy.  He reminds me of my Sam... always moving and talking at a million miles an hour.  You can tell by the way they talk that they both adore their Papas and even if you had never met their fathers you could guess what they do for a living.  Samuel is all technical like his engineer father while Josiah talks very distinctly and detail oriented.  The two of them together sound like a couple of old men sitting around playing checkers while gumming their dentures.

During rest time yesterday afternoon I popped in to see what they were up to and they were quizzing each other on multiplication.  Isn't that what all 7 year old boys do on summer vacation?

Last night when we went to the boys' room to pray and tuck them in they were all holding ice packs on various parts of their bodies.  They excitedly told us their war stories of where their wounds came from.  What could be better than a couple of boys' who have had an awesome day of play and lived to tell about it?

As we made our way across the hall to the girls' room Allen said the infirmary was all tucked in for the night.  

Little Man demonstrating his amazing Canon Ball
Oh, and then there is MaKenna!  She is the most precocious child I have ever met.  You really never know what she will do.  Her awesome hugs, big eyes, and gaped smile make you just want to squeeze the stuffing out of her.
Kenna has become so brave in the pool.  Several weeks ago she was very tentative getting in.  Now we have to keep one eye on her because she will climb in even if no one else is in there.
 And then there is Suzanna.  She has a heart that loves Jesus and people and babies (who we know are just like people... only smaller.)  She also loves that she can hold her breath for 15 seconds under water.

Suzanna has a special place in my heart because she loves pink.  And I love pink.  And she loves flamingos and I love flamingos.  Because they are pink, of course.

Last night I was tucking them in and Ella said she was going to give me Eskimo kisses but we decided we would call them Flamingo kisses instead... because they rub beaks to show love.  And they are pink, after all.
Suzanna demonstrating how long she can hold her breath under water
We made pancakes for dinner.  These kids always request two foods when they come to our house, pancakes and pizza.  So as I was frying a million pancakes five or six kids came running at me all yelling, "Mrs. Wachter!!!!"  Including my kids.  I told them we needed to come up with another name for them to call me because it just seemed a little too formal for  my kids to call me Mrs. Wachter.  Besides that, I have known them all since before they were born.  

Together with my kids they tossed around names.  Aunt Kat is what Emma's friend calls me so someone tossed that one around.  I don't think the issue was ever settled but two hours later when Ella came to me, I knew she'd been thinking about it as she declared, "You are not a cat!"  
Kaitlin is the official story teller in our house.  She read an enormous stack of books to the kids while Allen and I had our dinner together.
Some people tell me it takes hours to get their kids in bed because they are up and down with various excuses.  We don't have that problem around here but it still takes forever to tuck the kids in because they are always so excited to tell us about the things that happened during the day.  Our little friends are no different.

After I had kissed the girls ten times each and we had prayed and we had created the flamingo club Zanna said, "Brianna has contacts we can't splash water on her because they will pop out and she won't be able to see."

Ella popped up with a look of shock on her face, "HER EYEBALLS WILL POP OUT?!"  I attempted to explain not her eyeballs just her lenses but finally gave up and changed the subject.

Don't you love how little kids try to problem solve? I got them all laying back down and tried to make my exit.  The last thing I heard from the girls' corner of the house was Ella shouting, "We can put goggles and a nose plug on and find her eyeballs for Brianna!"
Suzanna joined us for our early morning Bible study in the garden


  1. Hello, dear friend~

    What a precious time of fellowship you all had together. Those are such sweet memories you will all carry with you forever!

    I hope you are all doing well and keeping cool. Did you all get hit by those horrendous storms last week?

    Blessings and ((((hugs))))~

  2. This had me laughing so hard I was crying. They are all down for naps now, but they've been talking pretty much non stop about all their fun times. We even heard about how they couldn't splash Brianna in the pool. :)
    We are so blessed to have friends like y'all!

  3. Loved hearing about my adorable nieces and nephew! :)