July 31, 2012

The Summer Olympics ~ With Fritz, Jamie and Arthur


  1. Too funny! Did you see the Opening Ceremony with the London Symphony and the Chariots of Fire part?

    1. Okay so here is the deal. My kids were dying to watch the Olympics but we don't have television. We figured it would be on the internet somewhere because everything is, right? We had company that evening and the kids were able to watch the opening ceremonies on You tube. After our guest left they tried to show it to us but it had been removed for copyright reasons... which I personally think is lame. But who am I to say. So I only saw a little clip up to the cell phone part. Cute. We love Mr. Bean so it was a win-win situation. The funny thing is the girls made their video before hand but I didn't get it up until now. I figured people might think they got their idea from that but it was totally their own ingenious invention.