August 17, 2012

17 and Golden to Us

Friday August 17th is Brianna's Golden Birthday... 17 on the 17th!  To celebrate blog style we are taking a little twist on our tradition of family birthday blessings.  We've collected 17 wonderful things that make our girl golden.  We invite you to leave a comment and wish Nana a Happy Birthday by telling her what makes her worth gold in your book.

1.  She brings Poshness to the world.  ~ Nathaniel
2.  She is is even better in person than she is online.  She has a huge smile that makes a person just feel at ease.  She is welcoming.  It's obvious that Nana's focus is Jesus Christ. It is obvious in her speech, her writings, and the way she loves her family.  Brianna is a dear friend and I am extremely blessed to know her.  She likes the Count of Monte Cristo and Get Smart and Downton Abbey and Robin Hood and that makes her really awesome. She is an absolutely beautiful and godly woman.  ~Cassie

3.  She shares her twine ~ Samuel

4.  She likes to try new things and she is creative.  She almost always has the answer and if she doesn't she helps me find it.  ~ Aedan
5.  I praise you for the dedication and faithfulness toward your Lord and Savior. It is amazing to see how you have grown spiritually over the past 17 years. Your passion and love for the Lord is an inspiration for all. I also admire the attention you show for detail and the care you show for making each moment special. (it must be your German heritage coming through !) May you continue to seek God's will for your life as you grow. Seek Him and He will show you His perfect will for your life. Strive to be in His will and enjoy the work and rest of His perfect peace that passes all understanding.       ~Pa

6. Cooking skills.  Photography skills.  Gift of words.  Artistic ability.  Sewing talents.  She does everything to the best of her ability. She is great for spiritual discussions.   ~Emma

7.  She always pushes me to do more and do better.  She stretches my boundaries, limits and tastes.  ~KK

8.  Happy Birthday, Brianna!  What a lovely young lady you are becoming!  You are kind, helpful, a positive role model for young ones and you walk in God's Grace!  Have a Blessed day.  ~Aunt Helen and Uncle Griffith

9.  Sweet and generous. Warm and Welcoming.  Sparkling personality and smile.  Great website design ability.  Great taste in friends.  ~ Terri and Mark

10.  She is my get it done girl.  When I need something yesterday I know she will magically find a way to get it done the day before that.  Although, there will be a tornado in her wake.  She can take my ideas and develop them into something amazing I could never have conceived.   ~ Mama
11.  She puts God first.  ~ Emma

12.   Her gentleness towards others inspires and convicts the world to cultivate kindness in their own hearts. ~Mama

13.  Fritz... need we say more?

14. Delightfully humorous with a quick wit.  ~ The Rutters

15. She is wonderfully talented.  ~ Aunt Dawn

16.  Her bravery is contagious.  ~  Mama
17.  She has a true desire to find ways to reach out to others and help them find their way be it making pom poms for a shower, taking care of someone's children or leading a soul to the Lord. With the inclusion of her sisters it is hard for me to find a better example of what a Christian young lady should be.   ~Mama

I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.  ~Proverbs 8:17

Happy Birthday Precious Girl! 


  1. What a beautiful post!! And what a beautiful tribute to your daughter...

  2. What a beautiful post!

    Sweet Brianna ~ may the Lord continue to bless you in all you say and do. May your light for Him forever shine and never go dim.