August 13, 2012

Desperate Part 3 ~ Moving Day For Baby

Again, this morning, we are picking up with our friend Desperate.  

To get up to speed you can read up over here.

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As before, I really encourage all of you to write and share your experiences.  What worked?  What didn't?  What was your turning point?  I know there are lots of things in previous emails we have not talked about yet, but this has some good day to day stuff that I think will be quick and easy to implement.  Read on.

Hi! Sorry things are so crazy. I know! hope you had a wonderful weekend… I forgot to answer your other question - the boys are all in one room. there is a bunk and also a toddler bed. my DD has her own room. The baby is in a crib that is side-car-ed to our bed on my side. Does that help? We are hoping to move in the next year or just build a room for the older boys in the basement. Things will get better. I am going to start waking earlier (once I have our schedules made). Getting ON the schedule is the tricky part! I am trying to plan - to plan ahead so that we are not spending entire days food shopping, etc. There is more added stress here than is needed. We end up spending Sundays going to Costco after church, getting home and then I make my list; run off to the regular grocery… we eat dinner so late. I am changing all of that. It just takes so much time. I feel it is lots of skipping showers and sleep on this end but I will catch up - I am nearly there. It's like I can see it in the distance.. We are getting close to NOT being in survival mode all the time. I need to get to bed here now. thanks again

Now, for starters, we have to come up with a better name for you, my friend!  Any suggestions?

Okay, next order of business.  And I am going to be firm on this.  Baby needs to move out of your room.  I don't know if you have a girlie or a boy.  I know your space is an issue but you can slip one of the small pack and plays in just about anywhere to make a space.  A three month old does not require much space.  I think the one we have is the Graco Travel Lite.  When Aedan came along we didn't have a space for him.  At that time we didn't even have a space for the Pack N Play.  We found this mini one, that is just perfect for a little one, and set it up in the corner.  He was the biggest of our little ones and was able to sleep in it quite comfortable until he was more than a year old and the nursery was finished.  We use this every week when my girls babysit different friends and kiddos up to three years sleep in it just fine.  It's great for travel, too, because it takes up so much less space than the standard pack n play.  I actually donated our full size one several years ago because I found I didn't use it anymore.  This small little investment will be your friend when you get into school mode, too, because it is small enough to roll into any room.  (Yes, it has wheels.)  You should be able to make space for it in the boys' room or in your daughter's room.

I am so adamant about this because baby should be sleeping through the night at this point.  If she isn't then it will be a step closer to getting her there.  Regardless, all of you will sleep better if she is not in your bedroom.  Babies move a lot, wake a lot and make a lot of noises in their sleep.  We automatically take these things as signs that it is time to get baby up to eat etc...  And that is not so.  Baby just needs to re-position and fall back to sleep like the rest of us.  By being in your room you are preventing her from learning this very important skill.  Furthermore, you don't sleep well because you are always listening for baby or when you hear baby you are waking up.  That makes for a tired and stressed out mama.  Never a good thing.  Particularly bad when you are already facing so many other challenges.

When I see parents with newborns walking around like zombies we often have this discussion.  The ones who move baby out of their room and turn the monitor off come back a week later saying how much better they feel and how much better everyone is sleeping. Those who resist end up still trying to get their kids to sleep through the night at one and two years old.

We have always had our babies sleeping through the night early on.  Usually, right away.  When Carmella arrived she went straight to her room all the way on the opposite end of the house.  Pa wanted to have the monitor on beside our bed.  Because of my diabetes, she had blood sugar issues early on and needed to eat at least once during the night to keep from becoming hypoglycemic.  Between that, her being a month premature (weighing in at 5 pounds 10 ounces)  and the death of our Gussie, I think he felt better knowing he could keep a handle on her all night.  Yes, he is a mother hen like that.  Isn't it precious?  Anyway, because I had an incredibly hard pregnancy, I was very weak for the first few months.  Allen would get up and give her a bottle so I could sleep through the night.  That was a very odd thing for us, as we had never bottled any of our kids and of course I was the one to feed them in the night.  The two of them came to love this time together.  Sometimes, I would sneak out to look at them.  It was so cute.  Which was very nice.  Except that I was not getting any sleep.  I heard every turn and coo that came through the monitor and would wake up wondering if she was going to wake and if I should get her and should I let him sleep through  etc... Plus, it takes me forever to go back to sleep (hours) when I wake up.  I was so tired!  Bottom line it took her much longer to sleep through the night than any of our other children.

Sleep is of the utmost importance when raising a healthy and happy family.  Move that baby today and turn the monitor off when you tuck her in for the night.  See if you don't feel worlds better in a week.

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