August 24, 2012

It's A Jungle Out There- VBS 2012

Well, VBS has come and gone for another year.  And, as stressful as it is... as exhausting as it is... the kids love being able to volunteer and do what little part they can to share the gospel message with other children in our community.  The theme this year was, "It's a Jungle Out There" and with that in mind I made jungle trail mix and these cookies for my snack night.  
What do you think?  Do they look like zebras standing in the grass or like green cookies with Hershey Hugs on top?  You see it now, don't you?  Neither did my family.  I spent hours making them one very hot day.  It was so hot the Hugs were melting before I could get them unwrapped.  They were sitting on the cooling racks in the kitchen, all 100 and some, and each time someone walked through instead of the usual, "May I have a cookie, please?" they said, "What are they supposed to be?"  As you know, I was laid up that week and didn't go with the family on Monday night.  I told the girls to make sure Miss Jackie knew what they were supposed to be... just in case she might miss it.  ☺  Oh, well.  That's what happens when I try to be creative.  Thank God for creative daughters.

The boys were delighted to be part of the counting team for the coin march.  This is their third year doing it.  They go so into it!  They count the girls' money and they get so into it when it comes time to give their own money they put it in the girls' bucket instead of the boys'.
Ellie went to help stack two nights.
Nathaniel loves foreign coins so he always takes along some cash to trade out the foreign coins that inevitably get tossed in and aren't accepted by the bank.
It figures the night I went to count was penny night.  A hundred dollars is a lot of Pennies!
I love how focused Sam gets at every job he is given.  Usually, his tongue sticks out of the corner of his mouth.  It is too cute for words.
The boys dressed as jungle explorers.
The last night is always a carnival for the kids who attended, their parents and siblings.  Kaitlin and Brianna were face painting for the evening.
The ladies who do decorations always outdo themselves.  This year the one was moving the week of VBS and the other lady had her three grandchildren for an unexpected visit while their parents are dealing with a life threatening health issue.
And yet, it looked amazing!  See all the vines and leaves they were hand painted.
They even cut bamboo from one of the ladies property to put on the walls.
The altar reminds you a bit of the garden of Eden.  The rocks are paper machie
And look at the waterfall!
Aunt Dawn sent Sam this vest for his birthday in June.  He has worn it almost every minute since then.  He even wears it to bed.  He was so excited to realize he could wear it as part of his costume.
Brother Wayne is such a nut!  I am not sure how it came about but he ended up with a sailboat painted on his forehead.
And somebody graffitied the baby!
Even though I swore we were not volunteering for VBS this year... and even though it was a very tiring week... it was also a time of serving and memory making and sowing in little lives... in other words... time well spent.

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