August 22, 2012


I hope this little darling knows how much she is loved by her family!

Everything she does brings delight to us.
For instance this morning I made her first pigtails
And everything and everyone stopped to say "oh" and "ah"
We hear, "She's sooooo cute" at least a thousand times a day.
And she really is!
She is changing and growing so fast these days
Even a morning away from her is too long
Because you will have missed something new
She has recently learned to clap and say "Bravo", "Yay" 
and it's usually in response to us clapping for her and saying "Bravisimo" 
When she does something so obedient or so cute or so amazingly Winnie
In the last few weeks she has gone from two little teeth to almost 10!  
She loves her birds Reggie, Melvin and Babs.
She adores her bunny, Olivia, and has recently learned to say her name.
Yes, we think it is absolutely adorable when she snuggles Olivia and sticks her thumb in her mouth.
Her language skills have multiplied like crazy this summer.  
She says all sorts of things in English
And communicates quite proficiently with sign language
And because the girls thought it would be fun she is learning Italian, too.
Winnie loves her Pa
and long walks in her buggy
Books, blocks, cars, swinging and the pool
She sings and dances to music and can't help but be happy when someone sings to her.
She scoots along the furniture now
And has trouble taking her nap because she finds it far more exciting to watch what is happening outside her windows
She is practicing taking naps in her pack and play so she will be ready for vacation in the fall
Her favorite foods are grapes, bananas, raisins and currants but she will eat just about any fruit or vegetable we give her
Thank you, Lord, for this girl who fills our every day with Joy.  Thank you for your word that has taught us how to train her for your glory.  Thank you for sharing her with us for this time on the earth.


  1. Aww, those pigtails are absolutely adorable!

  2. Precious pictures of a precious girl!

  3. What a sweetie! I can't wait to get Arabella into pigtails- she can just have one bow on top for now. I should put a pic on my blog. Wow, that is a lot of teeth!! Bella loves clapping too, she claps each time we say 'yay' or if she hears someone else clapping. Aren't babies the sweetest :o) Oh, and about a morning away, I left Arabella for the first time ever when I had my ultrasound- with a friend whose baby is 1 m younger than Bella. (we don't have any family here to baby sit). I was so sad and worried but Bella was just fine the whole time, ate almost 2 bananas and played happily, lol.

    1. Hi, Dove.

      Ha! Isn't that the truth? They are usually far better off without us than we are without them. It is good for them to be away from us once in a while. It helps Mama and baby.

      About the clapping. Had to laugh. We went to a ball game the other day and every time the home team scored and everyone would cheer and clap, Carmella would sit up tall and proud as if they were all clapping for her. A dangerous byproduct of having so many older siblings. ☺