August 23, 2012

What's Happening... or something like that

So it has been forever since I've done a mom post.  Partly, because it is summer and who wants to be sitting in front of a computer.  Partly, because it has been the busiest summer.  Against all our wishes to take it slow and focus on family, it seems the Lord had other plans.  Friends in need of help with babysitting, others in the hospital, a funeral, showers, house guests, birthdays, and of course all the typical things that are always happening with our own family and remodeling work.  

Maybe, I will get caught up here at Art's Chili Pepper one of these days.  Probably not.  But here is a little summary of what I've been up to in August.

Allen surprised me with a date night to a Casting Crowns concert a few weeks ago.  We have never seen them live and were immensely blessed.  This concert was sponsored by World Vision, a Christian Organization that works with children in foreign mission fields.  During intermission they talked about the program a bit and of course encourage everyone to sponsor a child.  Our family does a lot with different organizations around the world to give financial support working with various missionaries and organizations like Voice of the Martyrs.  But this seemed like a special opportunity because you work with one specific child with a name and a voice.  The Lord instantly laid it on my heart to sponsor a child who shared our Gussie's birthday.  But I wanted to confirm that it was the Lord's will and not mine.  So I didn't say a word.  I just asked the Lord for Allen to mention it if that was what we were to do.    

After the show, as we entered the lobby, Allen took my arm and lead me toward the tables where World Vision was set up.  He said something to the effect of we should take a look over here.  When one of the volunteers asked if we needed help he said we were looking for a child with this birth date.  Isn't God so good?  They didn't have any children who shared that date, most of their kids are older. But they directed us to the online search.  Busy week got away from us and it was the following Sunday when Allen said look at this.  He explained that in World Vision there is just one child registered with that birthday.  Just one.  And that is how Jose from Mexico became a household name.
Date night with my sweetie

So, thanks for asking.  On the knee front things are looking up.  Whoo Hoo!  Because I was getting more than a little grumpy.  Actually,  I got miserable enough after ten days of no progress I broke down and went to the orthopedic specialist.  It just so happens we have an amazing group who focus on sports medicine.  And since they rebuilt Brianna's knee a few years ago, I knew just where to go.
Emma took this picture of me filling out the many pages of paperwork... can you imagine how  much it would be if they weren't a paperless office?

For ten days I sat around doing what the Physical Therapist said to do and I was feeling so silly for thinking I was in so much pain when it seemed like such a little thing.  It turns out, it wasn't a little thing but a huge mess in there and then I felt so stupid for not going sooner.  Especially, in light of the fact that he had me up and running with little pain in just four days.  Dr. G had suffered the same injury himself so he was very sympathetic and had a wealth of information beyond what I expected.  He spent an hour hammering out a treatment plan, pt schedule and rehab schedule to get me back on the road.  A switch in anti-inflammatory medicine and a shot of cortisone and I was on the fast road to recovery.  I am definitely not where I would like to be but I am thrilled to be up and running again.  That first 1/2 mile seemed pathetic but I did it and after five days I am up to a mile a day.

I love that Ellie wants to give comfort to everyone in pain.  I also love that she thinks a bandaid can fix anything.  When I came home from the doctor she put this one on my hurt leg.

As part of their decision to challenge themselves to do something more for others the girls have been knitting hats all summer to go to NICU and to ladies undergoing Chemotherapy.  Since I've been sitting around doing just about nothing useful anyway, I pulled out my crochet needles and took a stab at it.  I have never been able to get the knack of knitting.  Don't know where my ladies got that gene.  I finished my first newborn hat yesterday and had a blast.  I will be donating them in honor of our Gussie.

Today I started my first chemo hat using a fabulous breast cancer pink cotton which reminds me of my darling Miss Lorene who is a breast cancer survivor and lover of all things pink.  I have never crocheted anything that wasn't a square or rectangle so learning to work in the round is a lot of fun.  I love the look of it and can hardly believe I waited  my whole life to figure it out.  As I have been working, I have had lots of fond memories of my Great Aunt Anna Marie who first taught me how to chain when I was Aedan's age.  

These are the pink cupcakes Ellie and I made one night while everyone else was at VBS.  Notice the neato Castle and tiara decor Aunt Dawn brought on her last visit.
For several days last week Ellie had a severe asthma attack.  She couldn't sleep for days because laying down made her gasp for air.  One particular night I sat with her so I could help her relax and get some sleep.    This is how Allen found us when he came back from Philly.

This summer, Allen and the kids have been building a tree house in the woods on our property.  It is hilly to get down there so with my bum knee I have not been able to check out progress for a while.  Saturday with things feeling better, I made the trek with Carmella and a box of popsicles.   I can assure you this will be the sturdiest and biggest tree house this side of... well, this side of something.  It's big.  

And by the way, don't you LOVE this hat on Carmella?  Well, that is about it for the miscellaneous highlights in August.

Hope all is well in your world,



  1. You should do more Mom posts. I remember posting some for you when you were pregnant with Winnie and too tired to get them up in time :)

    Your hat came out so cute. I'm going to have to try that technique with knitting. And your chemo hat is coming out adorable too. Love the stripes.

    The idea of sponsoring Jose was and awesome one and I can't wait to watch this little kiddo grow!

    Love ya.

    1. I will keep that under advisement. ☺ You aren't the first one to tell me that.



  2. Sounds like you have been having a busy month! Carmella's hat is so sweet :o) she is getting so big too!

    1. She is getting big. She lost a pound with that fever the beginning of July and the doctor was so concerned. She just couldn't seem to gain it back so we started adding goat's milk. She was gaining her weight back but had a cough and runny nose for the next month. It finally occurred to me that it started with the goat's milk. Can you believe 24 hours without the milk and she cleared right up? Anyway, we just discontinued it and started adding olive oil to all her mashed fruit. She loves it and is gaining like crazy and is such a happy and content little bub!

      I bet Bella is growing by leaps and bounds, too! Wouldn't they have so much fun together?