September 12, 2012

Advice to Aspiring Home Makers-Getting Acquainted Part 3

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Michaela:  What advice would you give, as a married sister-in-Christ, to an aspiring homemaker? 

Use your time wisely! While you are still single and living at home you have amazing opportunities you will never have again.

There will never be a time in your life when you can completely give yourself over to developing a better relationship with the Lord. Spend LOTS of time each and every day in study, prayer and outreach. Nothing will bring a greater return to your life. Treat this as a full time job in itself. Just take my word for it.

You will never again have so many opportunities to serve without the conflicts of meeting responsibilities for your own family. Look for chances to minister in every corner and you will not be disappointed in how you have spent your time.

Learn all you will need to know. I had to learn as I was going along and I think I've done well. But it would have been so much easier starting out if I already knew about household management, how to build a good marriage, child training, and more.

Use this time to develop your interests and find ways to use them for the Lord's service. I always wanted to learn how to sew but didn't learn until I had 3 children. Now I have no time to do it. LOL. My girls have been sewing since they were 7 or 8 and have not only won many competitions but have used it time and again to help out moms who have many small children, lots of sewing and no time to do it. Kaitlin is building an online business to raise money for mission work. This is possible because of the skills she has spent years developing and perfecting. Likewise, with cooking, canning, crafting, computer skills, etc... my girls have many diverse interests... we try to encourage them to develop each and find ways to make them into a ministry. I get so disgusted when I see young people sitting around wasting time instead of using this time to their fullest ability.

Invest in your siblings and other young people. Not only will you get on the job training for raising your own children you will be carrying out the Lord's will through discipleship and you will infinitely be blessed by the rich and loving relationships you develop.

Think of this time in your life as an apprenticeship and shadow Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 women. More is caught than is taught... pray to catch a lot through their examples and you won't go wrong.

What about you, dear readers?  What advice would you give to young ladies who will one day be wives and mommies?

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