September 8, 2012

American Math Challenge 2012

I don't use any other on line or software for our curriculum.  Most things have way too much stimulus, way too much loud music, and way too little actual learning going on. In my opinion, most software or online "educational" programs seem to be little more than glorified video games.  We don't allow those things in our kids leisure time so we certainly don't want them in our school time.

BUT... we have been  part of the American Math Challenge, sponsored by Mathletics,  for some time now and it is an excellent addition to our home school curriculum.  My kids not only enjoy this but when the games come to a close, I am always amazed at how much they learn.  And its all minus the annoying stimulus you usually find in such things.  The American Math Challenge is always held the week after we return from vacation, which is usually our first official week of school.  And that is a perfect time to sharpen those skills and refresh what we might have gotten lax on over the summer.

In previous years you had to register prior to the start of the Challenge so don't wait.  Registration is taking place right now.  

SAVE THE DATE American Math Challenge October 16 & 17th, 2012
Save the Date for the 4th annual
American Math Challenge
October 16-17th, 2012

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Teachers say...

“We appreciate your hosting such a
terrific contest! Thanks to you,
we have the whole school
talking about math.”

“You have really turned my students
on to math! Thanks again.
What a great event!”

“Thank you SO MUCH for this
free competition!
The reports were terrific!
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give out to my students!
I can't say enough about what a
wonderful service you provided.

American students are invited to
battle it out in the exciting online
American Math Challenge!
It's completely FREE and there are great prizes to be won!

Students will compete in the American Math Challenge by tackling adaptive curriculum-based math questionsand competing in live, multi-player mental math showdowns against other students. Great prizes to be won!

FREE Registration opens
September 24th!
The American Math Challenge Team

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  1. Hey, Kat~

    Can you believe we always managed to miss this EVERY YEAR? And now that we're done with school, I actually see this BEFORE registration! LOL

    My close friend has just started homeschooling her daughter, I will definitely pass this along to her tomorrow.

    BTW, thank you for stopping by for a visit. God is good and is walking with me every step of my journey. Thank you for your many thoughts and prayers, they are GREATLY appreciated!

    Love to you and your precious family!


    1. Laura,

      If Steven is interested in participating they do have an 18 plus category he could join.