September 14, 2012

Art's Chili Pepper: What's in a Name? - Getting Acquainted Part 5

This is part of a series to answer reader questions and help friends become better acquainted with Art's Chili Pepper.  To read previous posts click the links below.

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Michaela:  Ok, so I’m curious. . .where did the name Art’s Chili Pepper come from? It’s so whimsical and fun. . .

Chuckling to myself.... My husband calls me his chili pepper and he is my Arthur. Thus I am Art's Chili Pepper and a blog was born. For those who want to read the corny and not so clever tale of where those nicknames came about you can read this post.

Michaela:  You have a beautiful blog design! Did you make it yourself? If so, what program do you use?

Rolling on the floor laughing my head off! I am fortunate on days when I can turn the computer on without blowing the thing up. And that skill has taken me years to master.

Take for instance yesterday afternoon when I was working on this interview. All of a sudden my power supply just quits. That's it. No warning. No if, ands or buts... just quits. Which is so stinky. We have three Dells in this house and of course they all have different power cords. That leaves me out of luck, so to speak.

And then today, this very day, I am again trying to work away when I got locked out of my gmail account. Which, of course, even I know is linked to my blog and my email and everything I need to access right now. Major bummer when I am in the middle of two deadlines. And what's a girl to do?

In walks my brilliant, she can't spell to save her life but she sure is amazing with computer issues, daughter... Brianna.  She is more commonly known as, Nana. No, seriously. Thank you! I will pass your compliments on.  Brianna is a self taught code writing, blog making, web page designing 17 year old. And she likes it, too. Go figure.

Periodically, I open my blog and it is redone. It's always fabulous and I can take absolutely no credit for it. Well, except that I did bring her into the world. LoL.

The current design was a Mother's Day gift which came complete with the gift of my own domain. I thought that was clever and nifty. I never even knew I would like to have my own domain until she set it up for me. I think she did it because she got tired of me asking her my blog address. Now my domain is and even I can manage to remember that. ☺

The photo on my header was taken by my friend, a very gifted photographer, Susan Schmidt of Susan Schmidt Photography. You can check out her work at Just Photos.

You can see Brianna's blog and check out her design work at By The Way. She has a large portfolio, good references and very reasonable rates. While you are there, I highly recommend reading some of her posts. She loves the Lord and it is so evident in her writing. You will be blessed!

Okay, ladies.  Your turn!  Tell me how you became a blogger and how you named your site.


  1. You never poste part three, at least i cant find it and it is a dead link.

    1. Hi, Jenny.

      I'm traveling today and working from my phone but the link worked here for me. Give it another whirl and please let me know if you are still having trouble so I can investigate further.