September 16, 2012

Coffee- Getting Acquainted Part 7

This is part of a series to answer reader questions and help friends become better acquainted with Art's Chili Pepper.  To read previous posts click the links below.

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Michaela:  Have to ask. . .do you like coffee? :) 

You are kidding, right? It is my one weakness. I love, with a big old capital LOVE, coffee. If I had to order the important things in my life it would go like this...

God, my Savior.
Allen Robert Wachter.
My kiddos.

You can read a bit about my coffee loving life in this post.

Okay, readers.  Coffee is the key word today.  Do you love it? Do you hate it?  How do you drink yours?

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  1. Mmm, I *love* coffee. Just the smell is amazing. :) I drink my coffee black.