September 21, 2012

Date Night and Romance- Getting Acquainted Part 12

This is part of a series to answer reader questions and help friends become better acquainted with Art's Chili Pepper.  To read previous posts click the links below.

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Michaela:  Describe your idea of a romantic date-night.  

Oh, gee. How long do you want this answer to be???  Laugh out loud.

I really am a simple kind of girl. My favorite date nights are sitting by a stream in the park eating olives and sipping sparkling cider... a candlelight dinner on our deck listening to the cicadas sing... giving each other massages and talking about life and memories and what the Lord is doing until crazy hours of the morning. Once in a while we will go to a theater production or take in dinner and a movie here in town. We have a few couples that we really enjoy going out with on date night. When you only get a few hours a week just the two of us, its hard to share it with someone else, but it is always fun in the end.

Sometimes we will go to the basement and watch a video together by the wood stove with some carryout for dinner. We call that a home date. We like to play cards, too.

Once in a while date night is about errands and some coffee, but we try not to do that much. A few weeks ago I needed new running shoes so we went shopping on date night. As we were pulling out of the parking lot fireworks started at the ball park signaling the end of the game. We pulled over and took in a beautiful display. There is something incredibly romantic about fireworks.

I don't know what the most romantic is. In my book romantic is anytime I am with my good husband and he is holding my hand. He often does something that just makes my heart swoon as if we had just fallen in love.  Back in February, he bought a tux, for instance, to wear to the sweetheart banquet. There is something fabulously romantic about a man in a tuxedo.
A few years ago he whisked me away at the last minute for a weekend getaway so we could go see Billy Joel. That was really romantic because a Billy Joel concert was one of our very first dates... and let's face it the guy isn't getting any younger so there may not be many more replays. We stayed in an amazingly beautiful hotel. The next day it rained like crazy and we just sat there on one of the upper floors cuddling and watching rain for hours. It's hard to get more romantic than that.

And a few weeks ago he surprised me with a dozen yellow roses (a special carryover from when we were dating) and tickets to a Casting Crowns concert.

Romance is more a state of mind than any one action. It is knowing someone is thinking about you and looking forward to their time with you enough to make it special in any little way, that is romance. And romance with my husband is a way of life so how could I name just one thing?

Ladies, and gentlemen (I know you are out there) what is your idea of romance?  Do something wonderfully romantic for the one who holds your heart today!

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