September 10, 2012

Getting Acquainted and Vacation Posts

In the month of August, Bree asked me to join her in a button swap.  I love to encourage young writers so I jumped in.  As the Lord would have it, I ended up being encouraged greatly by the young lady I had opportunity to interview.  You can read about Michaela and her blog, Rhapsody in Pink, over here.

In exchange for the pleasure of interviewing Michaela, I agreed to answering a series of interview questions about myself, our family and Art's Chili Pepper.  Many of the questions are some of the same ones I receive from readers regularly.  I have lists in my drafts but never seem to have time to answer them.  I have touched on some of them to some degree before but there are always new readers here.  Sooooo for anyone who has asked or anyone who is new here I will be posting the questions and answers in a series over the next few weeks.

There are many of you I have not had the opportunity to meet personally.  I'd love for you to leave your own answers to the same questions in the comments section so we can all be a little more familiar with each other.

Our family will be leaving for our annual vacation in just a few days (insert huge sigh here).  As long time readers know, I usually use my time away to introduce you to new bloggers.  However, in all that has been happening it completely escaped my mind until my husband asked me who my guest posters were going to be.  Oops.  ☺  I do have some friends who have agreed to stop by (on very short notice) and share with you in my absence so be sure to stop by and read what these great ladies have to say.  You will be blessed!

With all that said, grab a cup of coffee and sit back so we can get more acquainted or reacquainted or just have a few laughs together.
our family photos taken by our dear friend and very talented photographer, Susan Schmidt
Michaela:  Please tell us a little about yourself, your family, and life as a home school mom. 

Thanks for welcoming me into your blog. I have so enjoyed getting to know you and a little about your family.  After talking back and forth, I feel like I could sit and enjoy a few hours worth of coffee just chit chatting about our family and Lord. I had to laugh out loud when you said about shortening your answers and that you were worse in person because I think I am the queen of it... long answers. ☺  Thanks, once again, to Bree for hosting this event.

Now to actually answer your questions... I am a born again believing, blog writing, homeschooling wife to one amazing best friend of a man and mama to 8 incredible blessings. My husband, Allen, is an Electrical Engineer. We live in a small house in the country that we have been renovating for 10 years.

Our family is made up of 5 girls... Kaitlin 20, Brianna 17, Emma Rose 12, Elisabeth 4, Carmella Joie 1. They each have such unique characteristics and yet they work so perfectly together it is easy to see why the Lord placed them in the same family. They share the common characteristics of always loving and serving those around them... the saved, the lost, the sick, the church and their family. They are a constant encouragement and inspiration to me.

We have 3 young men... Nathaniel loves all things with wheels and hopes to be a Pastor one day. At 10 he is very mechanically minded and a great asset to have around. Aedan is 9 and also desires to be a Pastor one day. He amazes us daily with his insight to the scriptures and a heart that seeks always after the heart of God. Samuel is 7 and has aspirations to be a fireman, garbage man or something that involves big trucks and dirt. No matter what he will be, he is convinced he will marry Ellie one day. He always has scraped knees and looks great in overalls. With a sprinkle of freckles over his nose he is the quintessential boy.

Baby Gussie went to be with Jesus in 2010 and we all look forward to meeting him in Heaven, right after we see our blessed Jesus.

Our life is usually not what anyone would expect (loud, chaotic or messy) and has everything to do with a fun adventure. I truly can think of no other place I'd rather be or anything else I'd rather be doing than here and now with this gang.

Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for Part 2

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  1. My hubby is an electrician, he would have loved to be an electrical engineer but didn't have to opportunity to go to university... my dad is a chemical engineer and my brother electro mechanical engineering technician... :o) so cute about Sam marrying Ellie, I went through a phase where I thought I would marry my Daddy :o)