September 23, 2012

How I Became Art's Chili Pepper- Getting Acquainted Part 14

This is part of a series to answer reader questions and help friends become better acquainted with Art's Chili Pepper.  To read previous posts click the links below.

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Michaela:  How did you and your husband meet?

Not enough smiles in the world for this one. ☺ So my hubby, Allen Wachter, knew a fellow in school with the same last name.  It's a very common name in these parts.  They were always seated next to each other because the classes were arranged alphabetically. In school these fellows had a large group of quirky fellows they hung out with. After graduation they went to their own corners of the world. Some joined the military, some went to work, some went to school... they all lost daily touch with each other. This city isn't exactly a big metropolis so periodically these guys would run into each other.

One day Allen came across one of the buddies, Steve. And Steve says, Hey I'm just heading across town to help E.H. move into his house. So Allen, being that kind of fellow, said "Hey, I'll grab my brother's truck and come along." That's where we met. When he helped me and my (now) former husband move into our first house.

But don't think it was like...that! Our house became the spot where everyone hung out. Because of the recession, many of our friends moved back home to live with their folks. A house with no parents was very desirable. Remember this was not a crowd that knew the Lord. Allen and I were the tame ones so we would try to maintain control of the party while we sat and played cards and talked (about what I have no idea today). We became good friends, like brother and sister.  He had such character that when Kaitlin was born he became her God father. I saw he was such a man of honor and he never dated anyone so I was always trying to fix him up with every single girl we knew.  I just knew he'd make a good husband.  Isn't that a ironic?

After my husband left me, Allen came around to try and reconcile things between us. I was completely helpless and didn't have a job or a penny to my name. My ex-husband had even stolen my car when he left so I lived 20 miles from town with no transportation. I didn't have any family who would have helped out with even the most basic needs. Allen was very careful to not do anything that would cause an inappropriate situation or sully my name, but he took his role in making sure Kaitlin was provided for very seriously.

He would come by when I was away and mow the grass. Or he would get a box of produce from his parents garden and bring it by saying they had more than they needed.   worked several jobs while attending school, one of which was at a car wash. He asked to borrow my loaner car once under some false pretense and took it to the car wash and cleaned it and filled it with gas. He knew I was having trouble getting money for gas to get to my college classes.  He even babysat Kaitlin when I had night classes.

It was not any kind of romantic or hitting on me or taking advantage business like you would expect from some people.  Believe me, I would know. Many of our single male friends did come by in those days and tried to use my misfortune to their advantage.

After some time of that he invited Kaitlin and I to attend a family reunion picnic his parents host every year. I can still see him as I saw him with his family for the first time. I appreciate it even more today than I ever could have back then.

Anyway, we started seeing more of each other in social situations but my heart was definitely not ready for any kind of relationship. As a matter of fact, I truly thought I would go to school, raise my daughter and remain alone for the rest of my life. Between my marriage, my parent's broken marriage, and my brother's relationship with his wife, I had no desire to ever enter into another relationship.   I was completely knocked off balance the fall day when he said he was in love with me. I never expected it. In retrospect, I guess I should have, but I was just too messed up to even contemplate such a thing. We completely stopped seeing each other even as friends, shortly after that. He wanted a wife and children and I was definitely not ready.

After I was saved, the Lord changed my view of marriage and family. He took the pain and bitterness from my heart and filled it with joy. I was then able to open it up to this good man who had put up with so much only to get nothing in return. He asked me to marry him three times but I was still a bit shell shocked.  He was irresistible and the Lord had been working on me. After three years together, I realized I wanted nothing more than to be his bride.  I had been so plain and clear about not marrying I was certain he would never ask me again.  So, I asked him. Which he loves to tell people. He accepted and the rest is history.

I love a good love story.  Tell me how you met your true love.

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