September 13, 2012

On Home School - Getting Acquainted Part 4

This is part 4 in a series to answer reader questions and acquaint friends with Art's Chili Pepper.  To read previous posts click the links.

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Michaela:  How long have you been homeschooling and how did you first begin? Do you have an especially memorable or challenging homeschool experience?

I started to homeschool when Kaitlin entered kindergarten at age five. That's 16 years ago this September. The Lord had laid home schooling on my heart when Kaitlin was still a baby. We knew nothing about it and we knew no one who home schooled. Allen wasn't even on board with it. But... he knew he did not want her to attend public school.  When she reached the age when school was mandatory we couldn't afford private school. So by default, he agreed. It wasn't but a few weeks before he came around to see there was no other option for our family.

Our extended family was strongly opposed to homeschool. That was a challenge. To constantly have them interrogating the kids and implying we were backwards. Three of the greatest victories of my home school career were when my father, mother and step mother (each separately) said they now fully supported home school as the better way to educate children, simply because of what they had seen in our kids. Approval doesn't come easy in our family so that was such an encouragement to me.

Early on we faced a very long drawn out court battle with my former husband for custody of Kaitlin. One of their major platforms was homeschool versus public school education. Everything we did was scrutinized by lawyers, judges, social services, psychologists and educators. It was so scary and painful at times. However, in the end the Lord used it in an amazing way and our faith was strengthened by leaps and bounds because of what He did in that trial.

One more trial and amazing victory was learning how to teach a dyslexic child. I am not a teacher by training and learning how to overcome a learning disability in which we had no experience took a lot of trial and error and most of all prayer. Brianna still doesn't spell well but I consider it blessing that she LOVES to read. She is often found reading far more challenging books than I would even care to try. When she was in Middle School she read the Double Helix as pleasure reading one summer. She is also a very accomplished writer.

Homeschool moms and students, please tell us how you came to home school.  What kind of reactions did you get from your family and friends?  Will you take time to tell us about some of your greatest challenges and victories along the way?

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  1. Hi :)
    I knew I was to homeschool 2yrs before I became a believer and 5yrs before I birthed my first child. Each time I decided to pack it in the Lord changed my heart and it was settled again.

    I warned everybody. Especially my mum, as I knew shed be against it (& everything else I choose to do). A most memorable moment was when mum was complaining about her school kids (high school teacher) and I said and you want me to send my kids to school so they can be friends with those kids? And she finally said good point.

    Other than that I've ALWAYS had good positive comments. People don't appear to test or interrogate my kids which I found disturbing when an ex-homeschool friend told me. People have always encouraged me and given advice or tips and even state things like 'yeh kids learn
    By xyz' even strangers.

    I guess I find that strange because I had 4 kids in 5yrs my oldest being 6 now, and for Australia it's a foreign concept. ;)

    Me? I love it. But I am tired now, and would like a day rest.

    Blessings to you and yours.. Keep em coming xx