September 17, 2012

Past Times and Hobbies - Getting Acquainted Part 8

This is part of a series to answer reader questions and help friends become better acquainted with Art's Chili Pepper.  To read previous posts click the links below.

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Michaela:  What are some of your favorite pastimes, hobbies and activities? 

What don't I love??? Writing, scrap booking, music, reading, playing games, cooking, sewing, quilting, crocheting, gardening and the list goes on and on and on.

We've been remodeling our house for ten long years. My hubby is very talented in this area and has done all the work himself. Needless to say it is very consuming. I am not always able to actually help him so my official job is mostly to keep him company while he works on various projects in the evenings or on weekends. I think I have made an actual sport out of it. ☺ A few times he let me swing a hammer.  I must say, I love working beside my husband when my limited talents allow.  There is little more satisfying than the a job well done, except when it was done in the fellowship of someone you love.

I am also a Bible college student in our local church. During the semester I spend a lot of time in studying and home work.

My girls call me a life coach. That is a fancy way of saying I disciple others. I do this in many different realms. Sometimes by answering questions that come in emails from readers. Sometimes by phone or text message. I am a big letter writer, too. Of course, my favorite way to work with someone is face to face. However we touch base, when I meet with a lady we cover issues from health, to child training, homeschooling, marriage, home management, fashion, hair care, decorating... you name it, I've probably answered it. This has become a passion of mine. I love being able to minister and serve the Lord while watching women grow in their faith and love for the Lord. To share our experience in a way that improves the lives of others is truly a gift and we should all take advantage of each opportunity as it arises.

I have recently returned to the world of running and I love it! In fact, I have never loved it as I do now, even though I have run on and off for nearly 30 years. I think my new found pleasure is largely because my husband has taken up the sport and we do it together each morning. I love that he is reaching his exercise goals and that I can be beside him as he does it. I am proud of him for taking control of his health and doing all he can to have the best quality of life possible. That makes something I enjoy even better than it ever could have been when it was just "my" thing.

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