November 12, 2012

The Perfect Gift

"Is it “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays?” Are they “Christmas trees” or “Holiday trees?” Prolific filmmaker Jefferson Moore tackles a controversial topic with heart, hope and fun in THE PERFECT GIFT, releasing on DVD in November. Featuring Christina Fougnie in her first film role—THE PERFECT GIFT is a story of a young girl who puts her foot down at having to share her birthday—Dec. 25—with Jesus. But Jesse, a mysterious drifter working at her church, knows all about the real reason for Christmas." via

As soon as November rolls around, everyone in our house starts itching to pull out the Christmas movies and delve into the season. We have a whole shelf of Christmas movies but it is hard to find a Christmas movie with Jesus as the main focus. Which is why I was excited when I was asked to review The Perfect Gift for it's release on DVD. 

This movie touches some controversial topics such as removing Jesus from Christmas, freedom of religious expression and making the church into a corporation. 

I love the soundtrack to this movie. Some great traditional Christmas songs jazzed up a bit mixed with some contemporary Christmas. Can you really go wrong with Christmas music? I just wish it was available to buy on CD.  For those who aren't as old fashioned as me, it is available for MP3 download on

Jefferson Moore plays his role well and at one point gives a very thought provoking speech with a fabulous presentation of the Gospel. I think we often remember Jesus coming to earth but forget the mission He was coming to accomplish- namely the salvation of man.

This movie has everything you expect from a Christmas movie and would make for a great family movie night.

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