November 12, 2012

Unconditional- the novel & Firebird

This novelization and children's book are based on and inspired by the upcoming movie Unconditional. We love children's books and it is always neat to find a God-centered children's book. Judging by the novel it seems like the movie will be one you don't want to miss. Looking forward to the DVD release.

A brief bio from the press release:

NASHVILLE – Sept. 12, 2012 – As the anticipated film UNCONDTIONAL hits theaters this month, the novel it inspired debuted Sept. 1 going more deeply into the riveting story—inspired by true events—of one woman finding faith, joy and meaning after a seemingly senseless, devastating loss. 

“"The novelization of Unconditional will touch the heart of every reader,” said Acquisitions Editor Julie Gwinn with B&H Publishing Group, the book’s publisher. “This story helps us all see that even in life’s toughest storms, above the clouds the sun is still shining.”

From award-winning author Eva Marie Everson, Unconditional is inspired by the true story of Joseph “Papa Joe” Bradford—an African-American man who went from standout student to prison inmate where he had to fight to stay alive. A computer-hacking crime sent Bradford to jail, and once out he and his wife Denise dedicated their lives to helping under-resourced young people, particularly in Nashville. They established and operate the Elijah’s Heart ministry. 

In the book, Samantha Crawford is a celebrated children’s author whose beloved husband is killed in a senseless act of violence. Three years later, still grief-stricken, Samantha plans to take her life, but at the last minute someone needs her help and prevents the act. Reuniting with her childhood friend, “Papa Joe,” she finds her will to live returning as she witnesses his selfless dedication to Nashville’s throwaway kids. And, in the dismal housing projects, she might just find the truth behind her husband’s killing. 

Like characters in the story, the film and book will help the lives of needy children through raised awareness and by many ministry partnerships nationwide. A children’s book, Firebird, which figures prominently in the film, also debuted Sept. 1 from B&H Publishing and echoes the theme that God’s love shines through people and circumstances no matter how dark things seem. Similarly, another B&H book—a study guide featuring clips from the film—offers a four-week, biblically based study designed to help participants identify and overcome their fears and learn to help those in need."

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