November 20, 2012

Wobots Christmas on DVD

We love Christmas movies in our family and my little guys found this new Christmas DVD by Echolight entertaining. They particularly loved the space vehicles, robots and all shouted with delight when a futuristic Starbucks came on the screen. The floating space city reminded us all of Tomorrowland in Disney and what's not to love about that? Your little people will be delighted by this and will entertain them while you get your Christmas wrapping, shopping and baking done.
“A WOBOTS CHRISTMAS will have children and adults alike cheering the adventures of an orphan boy and his band of misfit robot friends,” said Benjy Gaither of LiveBait Entertainment. “It not only entertains but helps explain the real meaning of Christmas with the encouraging message that ‘God doesn’t make junk.’”

Welcome to Metropolipod and the orphanage home of Zak, a friendless boy with a challenging speech impediment who doesn’t like Christmas. Every year, he works his fingers to the bone making toys for other kids, but nobody ever gives him anything. A trip to Scraptown—a junk heap for unwanted robots—connects Zak with a group of oddball ‘bots,’ quirky misfits all. On the run from a wacky scientist bent on taking over the orphanage, Zak and his new friends learn a powerful lesson about how Christmas started with a baby named Jesus—who grew up to save the world. Inspired to embrace their true potential, Zak and the Wobots jump into action to save the holiday!

Produced by LiveBait Entertainment and distributed by EchoLight Studios, A WOBOTS CHRISTMAS is available Nov. 20, just in time for holiday fun and inspiration for the entire family.

"Benjy Gaither and the crew at LiveBait Entertainment are committed to providing quality entertainment that is at once fun, encouraging and educational,” said EchoLight Chief Global Strategist Christopher Morrow. “EchoLight Studios is delighted to help bring this uplifting animated adventure with a message to families this Christmas season.”

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