December 21, 2012

And Then There Are The Chickens

... we are chicken keepers.  We have always wanted to get chickens and give the boys a little taste of farm life.  We took classes.  We read books.  We watched videos and listened to CDs but we never quite had the time to build the coop.

But God must have thought it was time.  Listen to this neat story of how he worked out the details.  We live at the intersection of two roads.  Over the years we have made a point of getting to know our neighbor on our road a mile or more in both directions.  But because of the dangerous road that parallels ours we've never knocked on many doors to our east.

When the weather is nice, I like to have my morning devotions outside in the garden.  Sometime last spring we noticed this very odd noise had come to our neighborhood.  We knew it was some sort of animal but could not figure out what it was.  We thought some sort of poultry but it was not like any we'd ever heard before.  As the summer progressed, it seems the critter matured and so did his voice.  It became evident somewhere around July that it was a rooster.

Well, right about the time we were packing for vacation in September a neighbor from over the hill came to our door.  Mr. C.  had some eggs to share with us.  As we got to talking he told us he had been keeping chickens since spring and he had quite a brood.  If we ever wanted eggs he said just knock on his door.  We explained we'd been wanting to get chickens for some time but hadn't been able to build our hen house yet and in exchange for eggs we'd be grateful for any experience he could share with our boys.

A short time later Mr. C. called and said he built a new coop and would we like his old one.  We said we'd be glad to buy it from him and that when we got back from vacation we'd work out the details which would be nice so we could get things set up to take in chickens come spring.

When we got back from vacation Mr. C called again and said he would need to have surgery and wouldn't be able to care for his hens.  We offered to do it for him since he could tell us what to do and he could watch to make sure the boys did it right.  He said no that while we were away he had made the decision to get rid of them for the winter and he had struck a deal to sell them to someone else.  However, he told the lady who was taking them that she couldn't have them until we took all that we wanted.

So he helped Allen and the boys set up the hen house and the run.  He gave them feed and dishes and water containers.  Then he insisted each child pick a hen.  So in the back of our suburban sat 8 kids each holding a chicken.  And if you don't think that is hilarious, I don't know what is.  In the end he also insisted on giving (yes, giving, he would not take one penny for anything) us the big house he had built also.  We are loving having fresh eggs each day and I love watching the kids with their brood.  It is hilarious how much the chickens love the kids and how much the kids love them.  The boys are up and out there before dark every single day.  They have them tamed and trained and will play with them for hours.
Sam and Tom Swift.  (Don't you love that he has a boy name?)

And they are very useful, too.  We put them lose in our vegetable garden after we canned the fall crops and they cleaned it up beautifully.
Left side: Camilla (black and white in front) Margie (black)
Right side:  Philadelphia Chicken (black and white), Violet Crawley (black) Lady Cluck (Black and Gold) 

And they are very useful, too.  We put them lose in our vegetable garden after we canned the fall crops and they cleaned it up beautifully.  Of course, we love having a fresh supply of eggs every day and even extras that we can bless others with.

We have lots of laughs over the chickens, too.  The first morning we had them several got lose when over excited Elisabeth went looking for eggs.  The whole family chased them around the yard for nearly an hour before we could coax them back in.  They are so tame now it is not a problem since they follow the boys where ever they go.  But I must admit that first day, before we'd even had coffee, I was beginning to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into.

And I will leave you with that.  Considering how our good Lord meets the needs of our family and gives us the desire of our hearts through the life of a stranger.  And how he provided us with the opportunity to share the Gospel with someone we wouldn't have met otherwise.  Someone, who incidentally, has since joined us for worship.

That and me, before makeup and coffee, trying to bribe a couple of chickens with a banana.  We sure went through a lot of bananas that day!

Dantes (Red) Philly (Black and White)


  1. Hey Kat!!
    What a great story!!! We LOVED having our chickens when we lived in MD. I miss having them now and hoping our little town will one day allow us to have chickens (some towns are doing that around us). It's a great learning experience for the kids.

    1. Good learning for the big kids... great entertainment for the littlest ones... and mom loves sending the boys to the hen house for fresh eggs at breakfast.